Reasons to Switch your Gaming from Desktop PC to Laptop

Let’s face it, computer hardware and software are both in a constant state of ongoing development and such is the level of laptop computing power, gaming is now possible on a portable machine. Dell are one of the leading laptop and notebook providers and if you had never considered switching to a gaming laptop, here are a few reasons why it makes perfect sense.

  • Downsize your gaming environment – The CPU case of your desktop PC takes up a lot of room, then you have all the cables that connect monitor, keyboard and mouse; all of this vanishes when you buy a Dell notebook from an online computer dealer. They stock the entire range and the hi-end machines offer the best gaming experience and the online store offers the lowest prices for brand products. Once on the website, use the search function to find what you are looking for.
  • Portable gaming – When you invest in a top end gaming laptop, your gaming experience follows you around; you are no longer restricted to your gaming room at home, which is liberating! A wireless mouse and a hotspot from your smartphone and you are good to go! You should invest in a good case and you can take your gaming notebook with you when you are going somewhere and you think you will have some free time.
  • Multiple uses – A powerful gaming notebook is great for work; if you are still at university, your notebook can double up as your gaming machine and you can play at the campus when you have free time. Some people prefer to have both a gaming PC and a gaming laptop and when they are at home, they use their regular set up, using the laptop when out and about. It is important to buy a hi-spec notebook, otherwise the computer won’t be able to play the next generation of games and you can upgrade the RAM as and when necessary. 
  • Don’t buy a new desktop PC – If your regular desktop PC has seen better days and you are thinking of replacing it, buying a gaming notebook would probably be cheaper, not to mention the added benefits of portable gaming. There’s no better time to make the switch to a notebook, as the specs are so high, your gaming experience doesn’t suffer, it is actually improved. Here are a few role play games that you might like to play.
  • Less hassle – When you want to play, simply boot up the notebook and you are ready to play; what could be more convenient? All your gaming gear can be stored in your laptop bag; power cable, Bluetooth headphones and mouse, so you can play anytime and anywhere. If you would like to view the latest gaming notebooks, the online computer supplier has the lowest prices for top brands.

One thing to remember when playing online games is cyber-security; always use a firewall and anti-virus program, which should protect you from cyber-criminals and keep all your personal data safe.

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