Pro Twitch Streamer, Dodger, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Clarke

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Pro Twitch Streamer, Dodger, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Clarke

(There is a video that auto plays, I am unable to stop it unfortunately. D: Scroll down to pause the video! If there is a solution, please let me know!)
First off, I love writing these articles because it is nothing but good vibes and talking about great people. That is the perfect way to describe professional twitch streamers Dodger and her husband Strippin. For years they have entertained their fans with quality content from Youtube to Twitch and in that time their brands grew tremendously. I have been a fan of Dodger since the Polaris days and can recall watching the Youtube video where she announced that she was dating Strippin.

Lord, this feels like a lifetime ago! She would mention Sam aka Strippin on occasion in her content and videos of them being adorkable together thanks to the saint of a man, Crendor.

IN THIS VIDEO I just realized the final line was Strippin talking about his ‘bloodline’ and said that ‘It would be hard to breed with Dodger because my chil-‘. Welp, I think Clarke is a prime example of a continuation of his perfect bloodline! That kid is pretty dang adorable!

Later they announced their engagement on stream and I recall watching it with the biggest smile as two dope people came together and found happiness.

After a good bit of time the two sealed the deal and got married. While they kept their wedding private, fans did at least get to see them looking incredible on their special day.

It was pretty fugging sweet to see how happy they were! After time being married, Dodger continued to appear in nothing but large hoodies and eventually explained why.

They are my favorite people ever. Dodger had so much fun referencing her pregnancy and didn’t mind showcasing her belly on stream to debunk various myths.

All in all we want to wish the very best to Dodger, Strippin, and baby Clarke! They are wonderful people and will no doubt make a great family of geeks. They have inspired us so much and are prime examples of good people in our community. They absolutely deserve all of the happiness in the world! We hope they get a ton of rest and prepare themselves to tag team the world of parenting!

For more information on Dodger and Strippin, be sure to check them out on Twitter and Twitch!

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