Rammstein Teasing Their First New Album in Nearly 10 Years


Anyone who really knows me probably knows two main things about me: I cosplay and I listen to a LOT of German music. It’s why I chose the name Schrei, the German word for scream, as a World of Warcraft character name and then later my official cosplay name and brand. I live for this music. Needless to say, the teasers coming from the Rammstein Facebook page have me absolutely giddy with excitement. The last time we got anything really “new” from Rammstein was Liebe ist für alle da, which released on October 16th, 2009.

They posted on January 22nd saying they were finalizing the mix of the new album, then again on January 30th showing some behind the scenes shots of what is assumed to be a new music video. The caption for this reads, “… no fire, but nuns!”, referring in a joking manner to Rammstein’s tendency to have lots of fire in their performances, one of the reasons they have won an award for “most impressive live show.”

Today, they posted a teaser video featuring four of the band members in old-timey prison clothes with nooses around their necks, and very dark ominous music. The band members featured are keyboardist Flake Lorenz, singer Till Lindemann, guitarist Paul Landers, and bassist Oliver Riedel. Notably missing are guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe and drummer Christoph Schneider. After the video pans across the four band members, it cuts to a black screen with “Deutschland XXVIII.III.MMXIX”. Based on a previous post, Deutschland (Germany) appears to be the title of the album, and the Roman numerals give the date 28/3/2019, or March 28th, 2019. We can only assume that’s when the entire video will drop, and I am SO EXCITED. Oomph!, one of my other favorite Neue Deutsche Härte bands, also recently dropped a new album and as someone with such niche tastes, the thought of two new albums in the same year from these two legendary groups is absolutely insane. 

UPDATE: The shot below was behind the scenes for the video released on March 28th, 2019: Deutschland. As of now, the album title remains unknown.

A behind the scenes teaser for an upcoming video. Yay fire!

Do you also share my love for German music? Tell me your favorite group or song in the comments below!

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