This Week in The Geek Lyfe – 3/25 – 3/31

I hope you are all doing well! This is another edition of This Week in The Geek Lyfe from 3/25 to 3/31! We wish March a very fond farewell and offer a warm welcome to April and everything it has to offer! Let’s jump right into the news for this last week!


The Wall Street Journal published an article regarding the rumor that there would be two new Switch models this year: a Lite and Pro version. We may hear more about these at E3 later this year.

EA laid off 350 employees this week which has been the largest layoff under their current CEO. These layoffs seemed to be targeted at marketing and analysis departments.

A new Borderlands game has been announced! Hype!

Two popular games for free on PS+ this month.

Squad Streaming is now available on Twitch, but for now it is limited to partners only. It’s a way to share your community with your friends who also stream!

Pop Culture

Are there too many subscription services now? Almost certainly. We’re exhausted by it.

Collaboration between huge music talent is always exciting.

Popular hip hop artist Cardi B’s Instagram Live video from 3 years ago resurfaced recently.

Speaking of musicians, Rammstein released the first music video for their upcoming album! Schrei and Rob are pretty ecstatic. Schrei has listened to the song at least 50 times by now.


Renowned actress, Angelina Jolie, talks about the upcoming Marvel film directed by Chloe Zhao called ‘The Eternals’. This is Jolie’s first superhero film, but second comic book film!

As for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the Associated Press reports China has removed every line of dialogue that directly mentions homosexuality or bisexuality. When a report asks Mercury about his “sexual orientation” during a press conference scene, the subtitle has been changed to “sex life.” One major scene between Mercury (Rami Malek) and his girlfriend Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton) where the singer says he is bisexual cuts out the coming out dialogue. Mary’s response, “No Freddie, you’re gay,” is also removed. In one moment where Mercury reveals his AIDS diagnosis to his Queen band members, the dialogue has been muted as to not say the disease aloud. – Indiewire

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