Review: Game Grumps – Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

Review: Game Grumps – Kirby And The Rainbow Curse


Review: Game Grumps – Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

Kirby! Adorable. Courageous. Whimsical. Pink. This unique Nintendo character who has the ability to engulf his enemies and take on various forms has always been aimed towards children and nostalgic gamers. In Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, Kirby finds his world stripped of colors by evil forces and with the aid of a…er…color fairy(?) she allows the hero of this adventure and his friends to fight back against the evil forces with a magic brush. This new ability creates platforms that Kirby can traverse where he otherwise could not. It’s a Wii U title that requires the player to draw the lines while also controlling Kirby.

What could make this game even better? Penis jokes, Arin’s rage, and Dan’s witty commentary of course.

Arin mans the Wii U pad while Dan controls the side kick. Although Dan has less abilities than Arin, his character is much easier to control than Arin’s and is, in some situations, useful. The series is 24 episodes and was released at the same time as Bloodborne so there are mentions of the other series in multiple episodes. They play the game to completion and generally seem to enjoy their experience in the series.

The gameplay is whimsical and fun, watching Kirby turn into a tank and unleash a hell fire of missiles onto his enemies is a sight to see. Just as many other series, Arin breaks into song the moment he hears great background music. It is no Banana Shoes but is still catchy and easy to infect viewers to sing with him. I can already see someone making remixes of that scene for the enjoyment of others. Once they arrive on the later episodes, the serious talks roll in which are always gems and, personally, one of the main reasons as to why I watch Game Grumps so much. The insight and wisdom they provide about experiences they have had or their own philosophies on subjects make some dull episodes into ones to return to when you need advice. Episode 16: Getting Smart is a great example of this.

Anyone can tell penis jokes and yell at the top of their lungs into the mic but few people can at one moment be utterly ridiculous and then flip to being serious and giving life advice that will often take you one step closer to enlightenment. Philosophy grumps is a serious and wonderful thing and can typically be found in their longer series like this one.

Overall I enjoyed Kirby And The Rainbow Curse play through by the Game Grumps. The jokes were not as hot as Dog Island, the game play was not as enthralling as Bloodborne, and the editing was not as humorous as Super Mario Sunshine(Review coming soon!). Yet the serious episodes hit pretty hard and give a great deal of wisdom from two guys playing a children’s game who, moments ago, told a hilarious joke about rocketships.

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Game Grumps, check out all their stuff and become a fan! They are a great group of guys who are far more entertaining than many big budget T.V. shows nowadays and they release three episodes every single day and have guests on their show as well. They work hard each and every day to provide entertaining content while still being humble and not jerks, they are worth subscribing to! 

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