Review: Lego Ninjago

Review: Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago was the first Lego movie for me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I knew it was a kids movie. With that said, I kept an open mind and was looking forward to the movie as I knew Dave Franco was one of the voice actors.

The opening scene was set in real life in an old Asian inspired shop, which shocked me because I thought it would all be animated/CGI since it was a Lego movie. The cinematography was BEAUTIFUL. The way the shots jumped, it definitely told a story and made you feel like you were really in the scene. The lighting was fantastic, the most vivid detail from that scene is the light rays pouring through the window with dust floating in the air which really set the mood.

A kid kid walks into the shop and meets the shop owner (Jackie Chan) who proceeds to tell the kid about the legend of Ninjago. From there it dives into the actual Lego parts.

You get this amazing montage of the city of Ninjago. The graphics were phenomenal! It felt like you were literally on a roller coaster going through the city. Eventually you meet the main character, Lloyd, and his friends in school. Lloyd is definitely the “loser” in school and they make that very clear. It’s all because his dad is the evil villain who tries to take over the city constantly. When Garmadon attacks the city, you see Lloyd and his friends rush to their secret lair to suit up and fight. The group of high schoolers are the ninja’s who protect the city from these silly attacks.

During the first fight scene you get a really amazing taste of the humor in this movie. Yes, it’s a kids movie, but it was very clear the studio wanted to make this also a movie for adults to enjoy as well. Garmadon has this “too cool for school” vibe and you’re constantly questioning how he actually rose to power to begin with, ya know like a lot of powerful people in the real world.

After the fight you meet Master Wu (Jackie Chan) who brings in the ninja element to the movie. This is where the typical troupe of “believe in yourself and work hard, follow the right path, do the right thing” ninja lessons come into play. And of course what kinda ninja story would it be if the students actually listened to their master?

As the story progresses, the movie gets more and more silly. Which to me was a great thing, to others, I think they would find it too cheesy and lame. They introduced real life elements into the cgi-d scenes to give it that extra cheese factor which made it more hilarious in my opinion. There were a couple of montage scenes of footage pulled from the internet which reminded me of satire films. I don’t wanna give away all the details but these parts were personally my favorite parts of the movie.

The rest of the movie follows a typical kids film troupe, introduce the problem/bad guy, hero clashes with bad guy, problem is semi-solved, then solved, then the end. The film ends back in the Asian inspired shop in real life with the kid and Jackie Chan all filled with humor and emotion.

All in all I think Lego Ninjago movie was really a great film. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a funny and light hearted movie. There are definitely some moments that pull at your heartstrings. And its 100% an all ages movie. I loved it and am looking forward to the next Lego movie and will be putting the past ones in my movie que.

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