Stacking the odds in your favour as your groom yourself for Blackjack stardom

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Stacking the odds in your favour as your groom yourself for Blackjack stardom

Stacking the odds in your favour as your groom yourself for Blackjack stardom

If you are one of the millions of people that enjoy playing at online casinos, you will probably have heard that of all of the casino table games; Blackjack is the one where you can beat the bank. This understanding may be based on the practical card counting system developed back in the 1960s.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the game has moved on from then, with playing conditions being amended. For example, many casinos now use several card decks or hold a percentage of the pack back in order to bamboozle potential card counters.

This became standard practice at brick and mortar casinos well before online gambling became available and grew in popularity. However, you’ll find that in online Blackjack today, the packs are shuffled after every deal, so precise counting is out of the question anyway.

Choosing a top casino for your Blackjack endeavours

If you play Blackjack at one of the top online casinos such as MrGreen, 32 Red, or 888casino, you’ll find that the odds will be the same as playing in a conventional casino. The rules will be the same too. Just be a little wary though because some of the less reputable online casinos may have their own interpretations. It’s always a good idea when trying out an online casino for the first time to read through their rules and regulation carefully.

You ought to be aware that generally speaking, in any casino game (whether conventional or virtual) that the house always wins. You may have the odd good night when you have a serious win or two, but given time, the house usually wins its money back. That being said, there are a couple of ways to can beat the house with regularity. Yes, bad-luck still has a part to play. However, by following the tips and advice we are about to give you, you can stack the odds of coming out on top in your favour.

A strategy based methodology to change the odds in your favour

The first methodology we are about to explain is relatively easy, but it does require a higher stake in order to work. It is more strategy based than skill based. In essence, this format of betting on Blackjack advises that every time you lose a hand, you should double your next wager. This carries on only until your next win.

Put simply, if you normally wager £5.00, your next bet after a losing hand should be £10.00. If you lose again, increase the following stake to £20.00 etc.

This means that when you win any one hand, you will recoup your bet, plus a profit of £5.00 and so on. If you go down this particular path you still need to be heedful. Under normal circumstances, this strategy is remarkably successful. However, if you have a long string of poor luck, you can still be bankrupted.

The path in terms of how to become a blackjack expert is a long, but far from impossible one. The methodology discussed above, and the next one are about to divulge will allow you to play in confidence while you explore and hone other strategies.

Card counting made simple

The other method we advocate is an easy type of card counting. Be warned though that in order for this methodology to be successful, the online casino must not be one that starts out with a full deck at the outset. You are looking for an online casino that goes through the motions of Dealing, discarding cards, and shuffling.

Statistically, at the outset of play, there will be a 50/50 chance that the next card to be dealt will be a seven or more. As the remainder of the deck diminishes, these same odds alter significantly. If you begin play holding a seven, when the next card dealt is higher, you add one to your hand total; if the card is lower, you subtract one.

Each time the score is lowered, the odds of the next card being higher, increase. Similarly, the odds of the next card dealt being lower, decrease. This will increase your odds when you have to make a decision as to whether to hold or hit. It also increases the chances of the house going bust.    

Preparing yourself for Blackjack stardom

Becoming an online Blackjack expert takes time. There is a lot more research you will need to do, but the great thing is that either of the methodologies outlined above, will increase your chances of winning and reduce the happenstances of loss significantly, while you groom yourself for Blackjack star status.    

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