Interview With The Funeral Portrait

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Interview With The Funeral Portrait

So last week I kicked off a new section I have been wanting to bring to The Geek Lyfe by bringing musicians into our realm. Music and pop culture have been two major parts of my life for a very long time and I wanted to find a way to tie the two together.

October 18th I had the chance to chat with the guys in The Funeral Portrait from Atlanta while they were here in Phoenix. Y’all. THESE GUYS ARE SO FREAKIN RAD. For real. I never know what I’m walking into when I work with new bands but these guys set the bar SO high. A friend of mine advised I reach out to The Funeral Portrait after telling her what my idea with this new section was and I am SO glad I did. When I reached out, Lee was very kind and open to the interview, and actually very excited! When the day came, he was very professional and responded in a timely manner. Upon meeting Lee, all my nervousness went away and I felt more relaxed as he was smiley, kind, and very down to Earth. Enough of me talking about them, watch the interview!

The video only gives a glimpse of these guys. After the show I hung out with them for awhile and talked cosplay, life, music, random nonsense and I still can’t get over how friendly they all were. Each of them thanked me multiple times that night for taking time to interview them and having fun questions which really caught me off guard because I was the one who should’ve been thanking them!

There you have it! Seriously go follow them to make sure you catch them next time they are in your city! Go meet them and talk about pokemon and star wars.

We are always looking for new musicians to nerd out with and share their music as well!

What geeky bands/artists do you want us to work with next? Let us know!

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