Lemon Bell Cosplay

Cosplayer of the Week: Lemon Bell Cosplay

Lemon Bell Cosplay has been our homie for years and is always fantastic to work with. Yet somehow, some way, we just barely interviewed her earlier this year at Anime Los Angeles 2018! Lemon Bell is a young costumer located in Arizona that has a burning passion for Star Wars, Anime, and a mess of other geeky fandoms. She always gives it her all when it comes to a new costume and shows off a ton of...[Read More]

Lemon Bell Tackles Long Beach Comic Expo!(Review)

Lemon Bell Tackles Long Beach Comic Expo!(Review) By Sarah Huffman aka Lemon Bell Cosplay Long Beach Comic Expo has now come and gone. First off, my name is Sarah but most folks know me by my cosplay name, Lemon Bell Cosplay! I attend a number of conventions and on my many adventures I bumped into Darth Mexican and we became friends! He couldn’t attend this convention and asked if I would, s...[Read More]

Saboten Con 2016 – Music Video

Saboten Con 2016 – Music Video Saboten Con is Phoenix Arizona is one of our favorite conventions to attend each year! If you are not familiar with this event, it is the largest Anime convention in Arizona. Cosplayers from in state and even out of state travel to have a blast during this event and this year was no different. We decided to do a cosplay video for the first time ever and who bet...[Read More]

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