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Makeup 101 for Cosplayers

Hello everyone, Heartless Aquarius here! Here’s a crash course on makeup for cosplayers. I will talk about the basic components of makeup and give some helpful tips. Before I dive into the information, I just want to say that everyone has different skin which will affect how certain products will work. Makeup is a journey but hopefully I can help! The first step when doing makeup is applying a pri...[Read More]

Senpai Session: Make Up with Heartless Aquarius

Senpai Session: Make Up with Heartless Aquarius Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. We have a new series for you called Senpai Sessions where we have different senpais come on and teach a lesson on their strongest field. For this first episode we partnered up with Arizona cosplayer, Heartless Aquarius who gave a tutorial on how to put on make up. She goes above and beyond by showing the b...[Read More]

La Muerte (Book of Life) Face Paint by Spocktopus

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