Star Wars

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con! Whats up?! Here is another edition of the newly named Hype Train!  Your hosts are the one and only Redshirt and Zombieboi! In this episode we cover San Diego Comic Con 2015 and all the awesomness that occurred! We have guests who are here to help us discuss the various movies and TV shows that were shown, these guests are: DarthMexican (DeAngelo), Powerforc...[Read More]

The Post E3 Hype Podcast

The Post E3 Hype Podcast This week Casey(Immortal Red Shirt) and Timmy meet up Tony(Powerforce) and Tony’s good friend, Clay. They go over all of their favorite games they saw at this year’s E3. If you’re interested in checking out more of these games check out our other E3 articles! Timmy and Casey will continue their podcasts various times a month! Check back in every so often!

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