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5G by Verizon Is upon Us and You’ll Absolutely Want It!

Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this post. Ladies and gentlemen, I have some exciting news for you! In the fast paced world of technology, innovations and improvements are vast. Especially when you have Verizon leading the way with their 5G service! Everything is about to change. Breakthroughs in connectivity, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, auto...[Read More]

Top Five Games of 2018

A lot of fantastic games have come out in the year of 2018! The gods of gaming truly smiled upon us with all of the great releases on every single platform! We wanted to take a moment to chat about five of the best games to come out this year! God of War Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, and he now lives with his young son Atreus in ancient Norway, i...[Read More]

War Never Changes…But Fallout 76 Bags Do!?

Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s latest open world, post-apocalyptic, multiplayer game. Since its release just over two weeks ago, there has been a torrent of criticism levied against the game and the giant company that birthed it. Many of these gripes have been the standard stock Bethesda issues such as buggy game play or low frame rate when a nuke goes boom. From end game bosses that look like and share...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 1: Stan Lee, Fallout 76, and Sony Leaving E3

The boys of Bytes N’ Brews are at it again. In addition to streaming multiple days a week on Twitch, we’re now getting together once a week to talk about the hottest topics in geek culture, and turning that into a quick video, dubbed Nerd News! Stan Lee In this inaugural episode of Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews, we are opening with something huge, the passing of a titan, someone near and dear to a...[Read More]

Game On Expo 2018 Offered More Games and Great Times Than Ever Before

One of the most beloved communities of the geek world is gaming. Whether it is mobile, table top gaming, or massive multiplayer RPGs, video games have had such a great impact on many of our lives. What better way to celebrate the passion for this culture than attending Game On Expo! Game On Expo is a convention held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, in the month of August. Ever...[Read More]

Welcome Back to the World…of Warcraft

As part of a Welcome Back Weekend event, starting June 21st and going until June 24th, Blizzard Entertainment is letting players return to World of Warcraft for free*. Players with inactive accounts will have them reactivated for the weekend, with the ability to play up to the Warlords of Draenor expansion (for owners of World of Warcraft expansions up to and including Warlords of Draenor) or Legi...[Read More]

Schrei205 Interviews Glenn Rane (Warning: Fangirling Within)

World of Warcraft holds a special place in my heart for a huge variety of reasons. One of those reasons includes the incredible art that accompanies the game, from the illustrations, to the concepts, to the in-game scenery. The quality of Blizzard art has always been truly impressive, and I was so excited to hear that a long-time Blizzard artist, Glenn Rane, would be a guest at Phoenix Comic Fest ...[Read More]

Enjoy Dope Art and Cats? You Need to Check Out Gamercats Prints!

Enjoy dope art and cats? You need to check out Gamercats Prints! Have you ever said to yourself: “Man, I sure do love cats, video games, and art.”? I have as well and so has any rational person because those three things are fantastic! Well, I have good news for you because there is an artist by the name of Alexis Quezada who creates incredible pieces of art under the brand Gamercats P...[Read More]

Console Gaming Subscription Services: Which Are Worth It?

Console Gaming Subscription Services: Which Are Worth It? Back in the good ol days gaming was simple. You bought the console and the game and then played it. Fast forward for to 2017 and there are so many ways to game it’ll make your headspin! The aspect of modern gaming that we are going to talk about today is Console Gaming Subscriptions. This includes the Nintendo Switch’s online service,...[Read More]

When Do We Stop Posting Memes and Start Participating In Marches?

I have wanted to write this article for some time but admittedly, I have been seized with fear of my peers thinking I am too sensitive or it wasn’t my place to talk about this. However, I feel as though this conversation is well overdue. During the 2016 campaigns for the presidency many people responded to very serious topics with memes or silly skits but I felt we, young adults who are now ...[Read More]

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo   Phoenix Comicon isn’t just a hub for cosplayers and geeky brand lovers; it also features the Southwest Video Game Showcase, a place where game designers and creators come together to show off their new games and preview the competition. Within this group, awards are given to the best of the best, paying tribute to up-and-coming creators a...[Read More]

Xbox One S or PS4 Pro – Which Console Is The Best For Players?

Xbox One S or PS4 Pro – which console is the best for players? When expecting new consoles to get launched, gamers from all over the world hope to get new generation gaming sets to meet their demands. Graphics should be higher quality, sounds tend to seem clearer and participation effect – give that incredible feeling of transferring from one reality to another. Specifications Manufact...[Read More]

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