The Geek Lyfe raised over $1000 for Charity by Playing Dungeons & Dragons!

Dungeons & Dragons Charity Stream

On Saturday, December 8th, 2018, The Geek Lyfe gathered together to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital! An incredible gaming store by the name of Athoria Games, which is located over in Mesa, Arizona, lent a hand by providing dice, minis, and more!

For nine hours of table top gaming, Darth Mexican dungeon mastered for the main cast of Kingdom of Ribbon, Lvckydiamond, and Cheshsmiles! Split up into three acts, the group had to use might and magic in order to survive the fantastic conflicts presented to them. They were joined by guests Schrei205, Tony and Rob of Bytes N Brews, Chocozumo, and MaeDae Cosplay.

In our Spring event, we raised over $500, and with this event we raised an additional $500, ending with a total of $1185! At at our peak, we had 35 viewers and chat was very active as they enjoyed the adventure! We want to give praise to Saint, Grinny, and Rob for helping out behind the scenes all event! If anyone would like to donate more, feel free to click here!

This adventure consisted of Fay the Barbarian, Aurelia the Blood Hunter, and Branwyn the Paladin who all came to the Emerald Templars for their own reasons. When the leader of their organization sends them off on a simple mission to check in on the small coastal Odwin Village and speak with Emerald Priestess, Lonai, they find that nothing is as it should be.

They had to gather all of the courage and strength they possessed in order to just survive and defend the down trodden and vulnerable people from chaos magic.


Watch 2018 Fall Charity Stream Act I from The_Geek_Lyfe on


Watch Fall D&D Charity Stream ACT II from The_Geek_Lyfe on


Watch Fall D&D Charity Stream 18 ACT III from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Just like last time, we made sure to stop between each act for a bit of story time to hang out with every one and catch up!

Watch Story Time 1 Fall Charity 18 from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Watch Fall D&D Charity Stream 18 Story Time 2 from The_Geek_Lyfe on

All in all, we had an absolute blast raising money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and we are grateful to every single person who joined in and donated! We especially want to thank the fine folks from Athoria Games for helping sponsor us with dice and minis! We are so glad that the community can gather together and have fun while also helping those in need!

We look forward to hosting this event again in April of 2019!

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Dungeons & Date Nights is a series by The Geek Lyfe, where DeAngelo Murillo (aka Darth Mexican) and Alexia Berryhill (aka Tardigrade in Space) get together and play Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition! In order to keep things spicy, we take rules that are either featured in the Dungeon Master’s Guide or homebrews, and throw them into play.

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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