The Mandalorian Is Everything We Have Ever Wanted from Star Wars

Coming in as a dark horse amidst the hype of the Rise of Skywalker trailer, The Mandalorian came with Disney+ as a series that released weekly and is killing the game. Many of us knew the Mandalorian would be cool but didn’t have high expectations of the new series due to a lack of promotion or information compared to other Star Wars live-action series. However, the series is currently three episodes in and is slaying a majority of the other Star Wars films.

The travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.

Pedcro Pascal is incredible as the stoic las pistol slinger as he hunts bounties and shows off his sensitive side as he cares for what many refer to as ‘Baby Yoda’.

In only three episodes we’ve seen various alien races, bounty hunters, storm troops, a space rhino, and Jawas with guns. It has been such a fun ride filled with the same action and adventure that caused many of us fall in love with Star Wars in the first place. While many of us can agree that the high budget, CGI packed new films are fantastic in their own ways, it still lacked a certain charm that was in the original trilogy.

The Mandolorian captures the essence with its use of music, transitions, and even prosthetics. While they absolutely have the budget for CGI, they choose to use physical costumes and make up for scenes and it feels right. Not to mention the series touches on many aspects of the Star Wars lore that were previously covered in expanded universe novels or comics and now comes to life in the best way possible.

Like Star Trek, Star Wars needs multiple episodes in order to tell their stories properly that way fans can bask in the waters of their universe instead of trying to cram so much drama, character development, and plot over the course of three hours. It is nice to see drawn out scenes meant for humor or to showcase Mando’s thought process rather than just firing his blaster every scene.

The Mandalorian is a great step back in the right direction and I hope they continue to use TV series for more of their stories in the future!

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