The Geek Lyfe is Thankful 2019!

Another year comes and another year passes! After the brand started in 2012, many things have changed. Although I, DeAngelo Murillo, may have been the one to start The Geek Lyfe, there have been a lot of people who have come in and helped make things better, faster, and stronger before leaving to pursue whatever path got them closer to their own goals.

Each and every one of them passed on a bit of wisdom that I honest to god cherish and dwell upon daily. For this year’s Thanksgiving post I want to honor all of our staff members both former and present by sharing what they brought to the team. These aren’t direct quotes by any means but more of nuggets of wisdom!


Spocktopus was the very first person to join the team and believed in the brand! Gospel: It doesn’t matter if we only have 200 likes on our Facebook page, I know this can be something great! Let’s work on this and see how far we can go!


Casey aka Redshirt joined the brand and made content that he himself would enjoy. Gospel: Making content for folks isn’t rocket science. Just give the people what they want, even if it seems like everyone else has already done it, we haven’t yet!

Ghost in Snow, Garbage Truck, and Mauro

Three of the best guys the human race has to offer, these three photographers. Gospel: As long as we are having fun, every single day is a victory and every single project is a success!

Raging Ameh

Raging Ameh is the Betsy Ross of The Geek Lyfe, who created the brand logo. Gospel: If you truly respect your peers, you’ll pay them for their hard work and talent. If they truly respect you then they will honor your agreement with no headaches and a solid product.


Tacita was the first person overseas who saw our brand and loved it! She was excited to cover events for us and conduct interviews! Gospel: There is never any harm in trying new things but there is absolutely harm in stopping and settling.

Tony O. and Clay

These best friends joined the brand bringing along a ton of great content and helping raise money for charity! Gospel: Don’t take things so seriously all the time. There is a time and a place for business plans and analytics to focus on what gets views but there is also time just to make the content you love.

Ashley Maul

Ashley is the owner and operator of the indie brand SewAshtastic and she is a hustler! She works hard to pursue her passion of owning her own fashion line and excels at it! Gospel: You want this to succeed then you need to move forward full speed ahead. Don’t hesitate, don’t make excuses, just keep going and take pride in your work.

Deegan Marie Photography

Deegan is one of the best photographers we have been blessed to have worked with. She was with the brand for years watching us grow! Gospel: We work tremendously hard and should be paid appropriately for that effort. There is no shame in striving for what we deserve.

Vango Fett

Van is a homie who is down to help out with almost anything and always brings nothing but good vibes, no matter the situation! Gospel: You can’t control people and one day they may cross the line and hurt you or take advantage of you. However, you can control how you respond to their actions, you always have the option to go your separate way. You are wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and deserve respect. If you choose to stay by their side despite the bad you can’t really complain if you get hurt by them again because you chose to weather the bad times and knew it was a possibility.

Bytes N Brews

The dynamic duo made up of Rob and Tony P. came to The Geek Lyfe with a passion for these Twitch streamers/YouTubers and helped increase the production of Geek Lyfe projects tremendously! Gospel: If we are going to put our names on something then let’s make it great. Invest in equipment, take time to set up, learn the software, make a game plan, and edit, edit, edit.


Alex is a legit saint who has crossed oceans and moved mountains to help the brand grow! Gospel: Life is too short to get caught up in the negativity of others! A lot more is gained from having positivity and well wishes!


A veteran of conventions, she has covered some of the biggest events for us and provided incredible coverage along the way! Gospel: Worrying about what others think of you is a waste of time. It is impossible to make everyone like you and it is guaranteed you’ll have people that dislike you. You will never be able to change their mind, so don’t try to and just do what you want.


A talented cosplayer and homie who is a die-hard Final Fantasy 14 fan! She is down to Earth and just an amazing person all around! Gospel: Is drama really worth it? Is spending time surrounded by people you don’t really enjoy all that great? Why not just have fun doing what you love with folks who appreciate you?

Heartless Aquarius

A fantastic costumer who always gives 100% on everything she does. She has been with us since practically the beginning and has been ride or die! Gospel: Hard work and dedication will inevitably get you closer to that next great step. Just keep grinding away and keep that positivity.

Chesh Smiles

A hard-working, great human being who always is a pleasure to work with as a convention agent! Gospel: Just make it happen. It doesn’t matter if it is last minute, all improv, no help, no equipment, just get it done. Your best effort always beats excuses.


A fierce guild leader and cosplayer who loves all things Blizzard! As an Editor, she taught me: You have to strive to be the best version of yourself. That is never ever the easy path. It is always the one that takes the longest and is the most annoying but it will make you better.


Geegiiee is our homie from the North. Queen of the North in fact! She is a cosplayer who helps organize events in Canada. Gospel:  Don’t fear such large projects or events. At the end of the day, even the biggest events have first steps. The quicker you dive into the first one, the quicker you get to the last. You’ll make mistakes but then learn, improve, and your next project will be even better!



The greatest IT support mankind has to offer who has saved our bacon more than once. Gospel: The Geek Lyfe and its fans deserve great effort. Coasting and being lazy is a disservice to the brand, the team, and everyone involved. Well thought out plans, dedication, accountability, and consistency are what separates this from a hobby and a business.

Thief Named Alexia

Alexia is an accomplished writer who has written for a number of independent outlets. Gospel: Stop moving mountains for those who wouldn’t event scoot a pebble for you. Your time is valuable and it needs to be spent on folks who equally support you.


Cobalt is our homie from the UK who is a talented photographer of the brand! Gospel: Representation matters. Even if your content only gets a handful of likes, it can sometimes mean the world to groups who are overlooked or underrepresented. That alone is worth pursuing.

Demora Fairy

Another UK photographer who loves conventions, cosplay, and photography! She brought: Boundaries matter. The world isn’t black and white. You don’t always have to choose only one passion to pursue but you do have to allow each of your passions to have its own dedicated time and attention if you want it to truly grow.


An absolute legend with a camera who has fun with his passion and always yearns to get that much better at his craft! Gospel: Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like in order to get to that next step. You don’t have to be their best friend but you should learn from them about what they do right and how to avoid what they did wrong while still respecting them as a peer.

Laughing Puffin

Jessica is one of our newest members and yet has contributed so much already! Gospel: Journalism demands research, ethics, and provides the people with much-needed insight into what is happening in their community. It is a powerful tool feared by many and used for good by too few. We should strive to be the voice in our community.

Words honestly can not describe the pride I feel about the brand and every person I have met along the way. They have made their mark on the website and their shared wisdom will remain with me forever and always! I know that a single article won’t do them justice but only action. Building a better tomorrow will be the only way to show them that I did listen and change for the better because of it.

Thank you to the community who supports The Geek Lyfe and our projects! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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