The Order Brings Magic and College Kids to Netflix

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The Order Brings Magic and College Kids to Netflix

The Order focuses on Jake Morton, played by Jake Manley, a twenty something, just entering Belgrave University but his focus isn’t on women or education but revenge. The is a secret society at the university and Jake does whatever it takes in order to join the order.

Turns out that The Order is a filled of witches and warlocks who have immense power and at the head of the order is Jake’s biological father who Jake loathes. The show has its twists and turns with rival societies and deadly enemies that makes the series overall enjoyable. There are a number of special affects that help showcase the supernatural aspects of magic and even the magic system itself is filled on interesting lore that causes you to want to know more.

The acting in the show is decent for the most part and does spill over at good at certain moments. The characters themselves are mildly diverse with mostly a single defining character trait from “I show signs of immense talent but I drink too much to use it properly!” or “I’m an asshole!”. Even the main character, Jake, dances between being snarky to overly dramatic.

There is actually another supernatural show called The Magicians which is so similar that it hurts.

The Order

The Magicians

Both shows focus on having blonde, beautiful, skinny romantic love interests who can’t help but fall for the troubled, difficult, unique square jawed white guy who has a gay friend and a minority as a friend. The Order and The Magicians have a lot of similarities, most notably is their attempt to be both edgy and also hip by cracking jokes so they don’t take themselves too seriously. Granted, there are also a lot of distinct differences to both series but there is good news!

In my opinion, The Order is the better show and will be enjoyed by those who are looking to embark on an adventure of magic! Also the series includes beloved Firefly actress , Jewel Staite as a set of twin mages trained in the ways of Necromancy! Be sure to check out The Order on Netflix or wait to binge it in 2020 when it releases its second season!

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