This Week in The Geek Lyfe April 1st to April 5th

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This Week in The Geek Lyfe April 1st to April 5th

Good day all of you wonderful geeks! We survived and thrived through another week on this beautiful space rock that we call Earth!

Here is your geeky news for the week!


  • Sega will be releasing a Genesis Mini later this year for $80. It’ll have 40 games pre-loaded on the system, and while not all of them have been announced yet, it does include Castlevania: Bloodlines, Gunstar Heroes, Ecco The Dolphin

  • “Borderlands 3” will release September 13, according to a tweet from the official “Borderlands” Twitter account that has since been deleted. Fans are upset about leaks that BL3 will be an Epic Games store exclusive. Fans has also gone to Steam reviews and bombed Borderlands.
  • Skyrim Grandma’ Youtuber Shirley Curry will be an official non player character in The Elder Scrolls 6. Shirley Curry  is an 82-year-old gaming enthusiast and dedicated Skyrim fan, with a popular YouTube channel that’s racked up over half a million subscribers for her Elder Scrolls play throughs.
  • Popular sub Reddit, r/games, was closed down with a PSA about bigotry in the gaming community for April Fools – but the message drawing attention to the negatives of the community was genuine.


  • Google announced new feature where you can send emails at a scheduled later time, something that no one knew they needed. Just click the arrow next to “send” to schedule it. Outlook users have had this function available for some time but it’s nice to see Google continuing to add features to the Gmail web interface.
  • Everyone seems to want to release their own AirPods these days. Bloomberg reports that Amazon is working on their own set of wireless headphones with Alexa built in. 


  • Netflix announced their initial casting choices for live action “Cowboy Bebop” series including John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black), Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) and Alex Hassell (Vicious) all having lead roles. No release date announced as of yet!


  • Head of Tucson Comic Con’s gaming department chose to resign amidst controversy regarding their private social media post. They had some interesting insights regarding D&D including members of the LGBT community.
Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican loves writing, his friends, and all things geeky. While there is so much trouble in the world, Darth aims to bring a bit of joy and good vibes to the table! He owns and operates The Geek Lyfe and is constantly coming up with new ideas that'll help the community!

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