Why are Superhero Online Slots So Popular?

Superhero movies have always been expected to do well since their inception, with films such as George Clooney’s disastrous Batman and Robin grossing $238,207,122. But the past year has seen Wonder Woman storm box office records and allow Warner Bros. to hit the $5billion mark in 2017 alone. Plus, Black Panther achieved 700million by its 2nd weekend of opening and received huge critical appeal. Both films have topped charts and shown that superheroes are still very much needed and eagerly anticipated by the general public. But is the same true for other ways to connect with superheroes, such as online casino games featuring the heroes, villains, and everything in between?

Online Casino Gaming as Superheroes

Aside from the films and the comics that spawn them, there are other ways to connect with superheroes that widen the universe and recruit new fans, while keeping the current ones satiated until the latest release. One way of doing this is through gaming with online casinos. There are dozens of sites that offer a connection with superheroes through online slot machines, taking the branding of the franchise or the theme of the superhero film to package it together to attract the fanbase. Whether a fan of DC or Marvel, both have received the slot treatment.

DC vs Marvel

Playtech’s current deal with Warner Bros. sees their range of Batman themed online slots take inspiration from the late Adam West’s portrayal as Batman back in the 1960s. The campy, kitsch nature of the show helps match the upbeat slot gameplay in a way that Christian Bale’s dark Dark Knight wouldn’t have done as well. Ryan Reynolds pre-Deadpool days as the Green Lantern also feature as a slot game, perhaps to gain some more favour for the film’s 2020 reboot with the Green Lantern Corps. While Marvel slots, such as Iron Man and Spider-Man were popular, they have been released from Playtech’s roster since mid-2017.

Why Do People Play Superhero Slots?

The key reason for playing superhero slots is to engage with the franchise that has developed such a massive fandom. Indeed, both superhero houses have vociferous supporters and in the never-ending battle between them has crossed over to the platform of online casino. Showing support by interacting with a preferred fandom provides a competitive reason to play, but for some, the real fun is with real money. By offering an incentive to play, fans will be more engaged and will see the benefits of playing and connecting with their favourite franchises on a cross-platform level.

Overall, the superhero franchises are some of the biggest and most lucrative in the world, and engaging in a cross-platform strategy benefits both the fans and the series producers. By allowing fandom engagement, excitement is drummed up for the new entries in the franchise, while for games developers, the franchise provides a good launchpad for new audiences for gaming. Superheroes will no doubt continue to burn bright and tackle stories from as many avenues as there are to connect with them.

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