Interview: Nicki Rapp

Interview: Nicki Rapp While running up and down the halls of Phoenix Comicon Fanfest, we had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Voice Actor, Nicki Rapp. If you are not familiar with Nicki Rapp, she is wicked talented and has been apart of major games such as Psychonauts, Tell Tale: The Walking Dead , Broken Age, and so many other projects. I was originally informed that she was at the event du...

Brostalgia Plays Psychonauts

Brostalgia Plays Psychonauts Ahhhhh Psychonauts! A game many of us praise as one of the best games of our childhood! Brostalgia decided to tackle this game for their most recent playthrough and it’s a ton of fun to both watch and listen to! Both Gumbers and Powerforce tell bad jokes, stories about their child hood and chat it up about random topics all while tackling any puzzle that comes th...

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