Interview: Nicki Rapp


Interview: Nicki Rapp

While running up and down the halls of Phoenix Comicon Fanfest, we had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Voice Actor, Nicki Rapp. If you are not familiar with Nicki Rapp, she is wicked talented and has been apart of major games such as Psychonauts, Tell Tale: The Walking Dead , Broken Age, and so many other projects. I was originally informed that she was at the event due to our fellow content creator, Powerforce who came to me and excitedly told me that she was at Fan Fest.

When I asked if he wanted to interview her, he blushed and declined out of shyness. I was shocked by his response, I have known the man since we were in the fourth grade and never knew him to be shy at all. So of course I did what any great friend would do and went up to Nicki Rapp and let her know just how much of a fan Powerforce was of her work. He went red in the face as if he had been caught with his pants down. But I digress! Nicki Rapp was so kind and welcoming to our questions, I am so glad we were able to catch her for a few minutes!

Be sure to check out Nicki Rapp’s website for more information on everything she is up to!

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