3 Clever Tips to Boost Your Concentration

3 Clever Tips to Boost Your Concentration

Everyone needs to improve their focus once in a while and especially now when the exam season is upon us. The problem with studying is that the more we do it, the harder it becomes to continue – and we end up having to push ourselves through it instead.

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Luckily, there are a few tried-and-tested methods to give yourself a concentration boost and sharpen your focus a bit. That way, you might be able to actually get through those hours of studying and actually learn something at the same time.

Here is a handful of ways to make it a bit easier to study for that important exam so that you can get the grade you know you deserve.

#1 Practice it every day

Sure, it may sound a bit daunting to practice this all the time but it will really help you out a lot in terms of studying. The point isn’t that you need to sit with this for hours at a time, though, as you can improve your attention span greatly by simply paying a bit more attention during your everyday activities.

Try to focus a bit more when talking to your friends and family, for example, and make a conscious effort at giving them your undivided attention while they talk. This will help you to zone out everything else when it’s time to get back to your books – and it surely won’t hurt your relationships either.

We tend to get so distracted during regular activities as well and it’s no wonder that we struggle to concentrate when we really need to.

#2 Learn to take smart breaks

You probably know very well by now that taking breaks is alpha omega to making it all the way to the end, but try not to just take one when you feel like it. Set a timer instead and do your very best studying up to this point. As soon as the timer goes off, you can treat yourself to a longer break.

While having a walk will help to clear your head and a good round of exercise is going to help you in terms of focusing later on, the most important part is that you get your mind on something else.

Watch your favorite show, for example, or just play a game for fifteen minutes instead. This show is quite funny actually and may be just what you need after a long hour of studying.

#3 Practice reading longer texts

While you know better than anyone if this applies to you, a lot of people struggle with keeping their attention at their textbooks because they’re simply not used to reading longer texts. Treating yourself to a book this holiday is going to help out with this but try to get a hold of something you actually enjoy so that you don’t have to push yourself through it.

Now you can return from your holidays, feeling well-rested and ready for another semester with a much clearer mind and a bit more self-control.

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