3 Ways to get the most out of Caustic in Apex Legends

When you aren’t checking out https://big-bamboo-slot.com/, you are probably playing Apex Legends. There are many great characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and each of them has its own unique skill sets to cater to whatever the player finds most appealing about the game. From characters with their own sniper to creating an entire fortress to shield allies from attacks. Among the sea of choices, today we are going to focus on the toxic trapper himself: Caustic. In this article, we’ll showcase 3 ways to get the most out of Caustic in Apex Legends. 

Block Doors with Traps

One of the most iconic aspects of Caustic are the toxic gas traps that he throws onto the ground. If an enemy shoots or gets too close to the trap it activates by spraying toxic gas n all directions. The gas deals damage over time and slows the enemy player significantly. 

But the actual benefit to the traps is the fact that they can easily block an entrance to a door by placing them right up against them. When enemies attempt to open the door, it delays their entry buying your team time to address the situation. The enemies are forced to either wait for the trap to expire or go around to find another way in.

This precious time allows for your team to reload, recover, and discuss a plan of attack while the enemy team is vulnerable to a third-party attack. 

Use Traps as Cover

The only way to destroy a trap is by shooting at either the very bottom or dealing 150 damage to the base. Once the trap is triggered, it can only be destroyed by dealing the 150 damage. That is why it helps to have teammates manually set off traps if a close-range fight is inevitable. 

In the said firefight, you can crouch behind a barrel and peek out to fire at enemies who are charging. The added cover could be enough to absorb damage and waste ammo from the enemy giving you the upper hand. 

Buildings are a Trappers Best Friend

When it comes to defense characters, especially Caustic, you’ll want to play in buildings. Corners, doorways, and staircases are perfect for hidden traps to snare enemies rushing in. This will benefit you from not having to worry about being exposed and making it difficult for enemy players to breach your defenses without getting damaged first. 

When caught, your team could easily chuck grenades or use shotguns for close-quarters combat. All your team needs is a single knockdown for the tide to shift heavily in your favor. 

When you know the enemy is trying to escape you can also throw traps out of the window to hinder them further without any cost to yourself. 

I hope that this advice was able to help improve your Caustic gameplay and secure you many victories in the future!

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