Brosus! – Return to Gang Beasts (Video)

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Brosus! – Return to Gang Beasts (Video)


Those who frequent The Geek Lyfe are probably familiar with the fact that we have a YouTube page.  Anybody who has gone onto the YouTube page is probably familiar with our continuing series, Brostalgia.  If you aren’t yet acquainted with our YouTube channel, feel free to check it out here.  One of the funnest videos we’ve ever made, and definitely one of my favorites, was a versus episode of Brostalgia, “Brosus!”, where we played Gang Beasts.

The game was still very new when we first played it.  Not much had been fleshed out with the game the first go around, but we recently returned to the wacky world of Gang Beasts in our latest episode of Brosus!

Gang Beasts is still in early access, which means that the developers are still actively improving on the game as we speak.  I normally don’t condone purchasing early access games without knowing what you’re buying.  Gang Beasts, however, is one of the most enjoyable, silly, and downright entertaining party games I’ve ever played, and it’s only getting better.  With the recent addition of online multiplayer, you can bet I’ll be pestering my friends to get a copy.

Long live the king.

Gumbercules, or Gumbers for short, is a nerd that was est. in 1987. His interests include writing, drawing, playing guitar, singing in the car, PC and PS4 gaming, and talking about how he works out anytime he manages 10 push-ups in a day. He is also one of the founding members of Brostalgia, a YouTube series that you can find on our very own YouTube page, Be sure to check out his and Powerforce's videos!

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