Brosus! – Return to Gang Beasts (Video)

  Those who frequent The Geek Lyfe are probably familiar with the fact that we have a YouTube page.  Anybody who has gone onto the YouTube page is probably familiar with our continuing series, Brostalgia.  If you aren’t yet acquainted with our YouTube channel, feel free to check it out here.  One of the funnest videos we’ve ever made, and definitely one of my favorites, was a vers...[Read More]

Interview – Talk Nerdy to Me: A Byte of Burlesque

  Interview – Talk Nerdy to Me: A Byte of Burlesque Phoenix Comicon has now gone over the horizon; and with it, the memories and experiences that many Arizonians only experience once a year.  The capes are hung up, the $5 prints stored safely in the back of a closet (I’ll get a frame for them one day, I swear!), and cosplayers are already drawing up plans for next year.  There is,...[Read More]

Brosus! A New YouTube Series

Brosus! A New YouTube Series Ever wonder what it would be like to watch Tony (Powerforce) and Clayton (Gumbercules) battle to the death in a game instead of taking turns reminiscing about their favorite childhood games?  No?  Well we did it anyway!  Sometimes Tony and Clayton, from The Geek Lyfe’s YouTube series Brostalgia, need to take out their frustrations after getting their asses kicked...[Read More]

Webcomic: Mr. Mario!

Webcomic: Mr. Mario! Check out the newest webcomic by yours truly, Gumbercules!  The motivation for this particular joke came to me while filming an episode of Brostalgia and playing the Whomp’s Fortress level on Super Mario 64.  When you first scale the level to the top, you are greeted by a giant cement monster who calls himself “Whomp”.  Queue 3D Mario styled boss fight, wait ...[Read More]

Brostalgia: Nostalgia with a Bro!

Brostalgia: Nostalgia with a Bro! In an internet-filled world where fame is cheap and everyone with a webcam is making a Let’s Play videos for YouTube, a couple of individuals from The Geek Lyfe have dared to do what no other has done in this future devoid of innovation:  Talk over recorded gameplay!  But on a serious note, walkthrough videos and Twitch streams have become a staple in online...[Read More]

He Did It! He Saved The City…R-Right?

He Did It! He Saved The City…R-Right?

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con! Whats up?! Here is another edition of the newly named Hype Train!  Your hosts are the one and only Redshirt and Zombieboi! In this episode we cover San Diego Comic Con 2015 and all the awesomness that occurred! We have guests who are here to help us discuss the various movies and TV shows that were shown, these guests are: DarthMexican (DeAngelo), Powerforc...[Read More]

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