(NSFW)Can’t Wait Two Years For More Dragon On Wolf Action? Brazzers Has Your Back!

(NSFW)Can’t Wait Two Years For More Dragon On Wolf Action? Brazzers Has Your Back!

Game of Thrones Season 7 came to an epic close last night. Pretty much everyone who watched it was in agreement that it is going to be a difficult task to wait until 2019 for more Game of Thrones content. One scene, in particular, is being talked about by a ton of fans who got to see their dreams come true as two major characters got busy after years of fans shipping them together. While memes are pouring onto Reddit about the two, the fine folks at Brazzers is already ahead of the curve by coming out with their Queen of Thrones four-part series!

Queen of Thrones is a Game of Thrones parody that is pretty much an erotic fan fiction making almost all of your wildest dreams come true. I am personally still waiting to see Tormund and Brienne of Tarth but the gods are only so kind. This story has the main character, John Doe, embark on a quest to stop an army of Dead Walkers before they decimate the lands of Westerness.

“A sudden rise of Dead Walkers threatens the very existence of humans in the land. The threat of the undead is confronted by John Doe; humanity has a warrior. However, in an effort to warn the corrupt Queen Sexcei of the impending threat to her kingdom, Doe is jailed and left helpless – until the mysterious appearance of The Red Woman. Doe is freed and, as a fugitive on the run, must decide whether to return to save the people of Queen Sexcei’s kingdom from an undead coup. Unheeded warnings may cost Queen Sexcei her kingdom, and Westerness its most steadfast warrior”

The series began with part one on July 30th and the most recent was part four on August 20th. They aired the episodes every Sunday so that fans could stay consistent with all of their Game of Thrones plans. In the various episodes, you can find a number of recognizable characters find themselves in high quality, spicy situations, as expected from a Brazzer’s production! I haven’t personally watched the series yet but there is this promo of the Dead Walkers:

All I am going to say is that if we see Dead Walker on human action before we see Tormund on Brienne of Tarth action I will be devastated. DOWN RIGHT D E V A S T A T E D. Help me, Brazzers. You are my only hope for Game of Thrones erotic fan fiction. On a serious note, if watching a XXX parody of Game of Thrones interests you, the quality of this production from crew to equipment is unrivaled in the market.

If you wanna check out more about Queen of Thrones be sure to check them out at https://www.brazzers.com/!

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