(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XXX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film

(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film

Look, lets just all be real for a moment and admit that The Last Jedi was one of the most unique Star Wars films as of late. Fans from galaxies far, far away found themselves arguing over the finer points of the film. However, amidst this chaos the fine folks at Digital Playground released their own Star Wars XXX parody by the name of ‘The Last Temptation‘.

In the 1:39 second trailer, we watch sabers made of light fly, laser guns fire off, folks use supernatural powers. The main character, Adriana Chechik must ensure her desires are kept in check. Meanwhile, Xander Corvus uses his powers to fill her dreams with lust. Chechik must decide whether she will give in to her desires or bring Corvus down once and for all.

In all seriousness though, the props and scenes in the trailer look pretty legit. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into the making of this film to the point where it could be legit fan fiction. I never even thought of Phasma and Rey being romantically involved but here we are. Not to mention in the initial scenes they give a modded version of the Jedi code and having her keep her emotions in check is a very Jedi thing to do.

Another awesome website by the name of Trendzz got to interview the lead camera operator and here is what they said!

“When it comes to some of the most challenging parts of that day, it would certainly have to be the accents and, well, accidents.

It’s never easy imitating another accent, but it was a great learning experience to have Lily LeBeau and Adriana Chechik do their English accents for their characters. I would typically speak the line first, then they would copy me.

When it came to actually tough challenges on set, Erik Everhard hurt his leg by falling down a hill and then a 12-foot drop. It was pitch black when we wrapped and we were all worried he wouldn’t be able to do his scene the next day. Luckily he was fine and managed a lightsaber fight and a sex scene!” We loved getting our favourite extra in to play the mastermind of the dark side. Alex had a full head prosthetic makeup on and looked and played the part to perfection. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how he delivered the character on screen. When it comes to what we enjoyed the most on set, it would definitely have to be the sets we built and the costumes.

We built two sets for the interior of the spacecraft, the cockpit and the living area. It took about a week to construct and decorate everything. Our whole crew had some long days but the final sets were worth it! I had to shoot it in sequence as much as possible to show the light change gradually, so that was tough, but it looks awesome. Ultimately it worked out for the best, because a lightsaber fight at night looked more cinematic.

All in all it is pretty fantastic to see folks produce adult content at such high quality. Although the intention is meant for a quick watch for the spicier moments, the entire film looks great! If you wanna check out more about The Last Temptation, check them out at https://www.digitalplayground.com/home/

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