Finding A Geeky Significant Other (Without Losing Your Mind)

Finding A Geeky Significant Other (Without Losing Your Mind) I’m a huge geek. Since I was younger I wanted to be a fantasy writer, run a blog that would give the community the information they craved without sponsors in their faces, I wanted to create an RPG and so many other goals I plan on completing before my time on this earth is done. However, I was never good with the ladies. I had so ...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm

  The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm This week Darth Mexican drags Madam Geek into this podcast to talk shop about MOBAs! More specifically Heroes of the Storm! Check out the opinion of someone who whores them self out to all MOBAs(Darth Mexican) and someone who just learned that running into 4 enemy heroes with no mana and no health of her own is a terrible idea. We’r...[Read More]

Alternatives to Bloodborne

  Alternatives to Bloodborne So Bloodborne came out. Critics are going insane over it, Let’s Players are covering it, Speed  Runners are setting world records and oh yeah, it is a PS4 exclusive with no chance of coming to PC in the near future. It is one big heart break for fellow Dark Souls lovers. The short version is that Sony financed the development of Bloodborne on the conditions ...[Read More]

Being A Minority In The Geek World

  Being A Minority In The Geek World This is a touchy subject, there is no doubt in my mind about that.  But it is one that needs to be addressed. Being a minority in the geek world can be rough and a bit discouraging. Ever since I can remember, I have been a geek. I loved Power Rangers, Super hero movies, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh, WWF, video games, and so many more things. I believ...[Read More]

Are games worth breaking friendships for?

Are games worth breaking friendships for? To begin, I want to warn you that this is both a personal post as well as an opinion article. An overview of this article is going over an example of a situation where a very long and very strong friendship was broken to pieces by a well known video game. We’ll then get down to the nitty gritty and also the deeper questions about morals, loyalty, and...[Read More]

Netflix Does It Again: Daredevil Review

  Netflix does it again: Daredevil Review It has been quite sometime since we last saw Daredevil in live action goodness. We haven’t see the defender of Hell’s Kitchen since February 14, 2003 with good ol Ben Affleck taking on the role. It seemed to be another Batman and Robin situation where at the wee age of 13, both films were super rad because we had little else to compare the...[Read More]

Tell All Interview With Mortem3r AKA Suzy Berhow

Tell All Interview With Mortem3r AKA Suzy Berhow As an indie blogger, it’s incredibly difficult to get a foot in the door when it comes to interviews. Most days I reach out to various cosplayers, game companies, Youtubers, etc. in hopes of being able to get their feedback on their current project and answer a few questions in the process. So it should be no surprise to anyone that I would re...[Read More]

Top Five Animes You Should Watch

Top Five Animes You Should Watch I am an Otaku. If you do not know what that means, in short: I love Anime. The brilliant colors, the sound of the Japanese voice actors, special effects used and often serious/dark storylines that can take place. Like most Americans, cartoons were seen as something a child watches and will eventually grow out of, mainly due to the very shallow nature of older carto...[Read More]

Romantic Movies for Geeks: Films that Won’t Make You Want to Self Destruct!

  Romantic Movies for Geeks: Films that Won’t Make You Want to Self Destruct! Hello everyone! As you all might have noticed…today is Valentine’s Day. Being the forever alone type person I am, I have always found it hard to find romantic movies to watch on said holiday. In general my entire being rejects romance movies with the fire of a thousand white hot burning suns, but I...[Read More]

5 Geek Lyfe Approved Underground Movies For Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner everyone is in the mood for some good ol horror, mischief and mayhem. Here is a list of five films you probably have not seen that’ll sate your lust for all things weird. 1. The Horde   The Horde is a posse of crooked cops, malevolent gangsters and a horde of walking dead are the centre point of this gruesome, tight, action packed, claustrophobic tale o...[Read More]

What makes a guild great.

New to World of Warcraft or some other MMO? More than likely you’ve been noticing that many players belong ‘Guilds’ which are a group of players who have come together to work towards a common goal. Many are out there. Not all of them are good. Here are some pieces of advice from players just like you on what good, long term guilds they prefer.

So you want to run your own guild?

Tired of all the drama your guild produces, late raid times, rude guild mates who have friends in high places so they won’t get kicked? Have you been playing around with the idea of branching off from your guild in favor of starting your own? I hear you. I’ve been there before as well and was completely overwhelmed by the result.  To quote a guild mate: “I run guilds like I sex w...[Read More]

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