Hype! Verizon Wireless 5G Ultra Wideband Enabled Phones Have Arrived!

Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this post. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are all well! Today we have great news! Recently we wrote an article about Verizon’s 5G coming to cities near you and now we’re excited to announce that 5G Ultra Wideband enabled phones have arrived! What is 5G? One way to quantify the difference is in terms of download speeds. 5G will deliver spee...[Read More]

5G by Verizon Is upon Us and You’ll Absolutely Want It!

Thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this post. Ladies and gentlemen, I have some exciting news for you! In the fast paced world of technology, innovations and improvements are vast. Especially when you have Verizon leading the way with their 5G service! Everything is about to change. Breakthroughs in connectivity, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, auto...[Read More]

YouTube’s (And Other Tech Giants’) Eventual Downfall Due to Their Poor Practices

The troubles began back in November of 2017. The New York Times reported that YouTube’s content labeled as safe for children was, in fact, the opposite. Characters from popular children’s shows committed suicide or dancing in a strip club, a child being abused under a video claiming to be about colors, or pirated children’s shows and movies are a small portion of the content you would have found e...[Read More]

Tesla Model 3 Update

With the just announced availability of the $35,000 Standard Range Tesla Model 3, the lineup has achieved its final permanent pricing structure. Within the last 2 months, with numerous changes happening such as the sunsetting of the referral program and reduction to the federal tax rebate, the price of a Model 3 has decreased by $5000 pretty much across the board. Or has it? New Trims and Pricing ...[Read More]

One Step Closer to Flying Cars: Future Tesla Roadster Might Hover

While Elon Musk has made some outrageous claims in the past–from firing a Tesla Roadster in Space to putting giant tubes in the ground for faster transportation–he seems to follow through with them all, no matter how crazy they sound. He’s created the same kind of excitement with his fans after announcing the future Tesla Roaster may be able to fly. His prototype for the vehicle ...[Read More]

Tesla Model 3 First Drive

Having spent five days with Tesla’s new mainstream all electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3, I’m overwhelmingly impressed. With a starting price of $35,000, or at least eventually starting at that price, this should bring a relatively affordable, all electric, long range automobile to market. Currently, only the higher priced premium trims are available to purchase. Elon Musk allegedly ...[Read More]

Black Friday 2018 Deals That Are Actually Deals

Black Friday 2018 is upon us. And that means everything is on sale at low low prices… Sometimes. Having monitored the past half dozen Black Friday deals like a shark, patterns start to stick out. Super low discounted items tend to be last year’s models or special SKUs, made specifically for that store and for Black Friday, never to be seen again. But sifting through all of the crud, th...[Read More]

Pixel 3 XL: Two Weeks Later

It has finally arrived. The phone I’ve been waiting all year for. The Google Pixel 3 XL. I decided to give the Pixel 3 XL a chance to redeem itself after a botched purchase experience with the Pixel 2 XL back in February. The first Pixel 2 XL I purchased had several dead pixels, all stuck on blue. I immediately asked for an RMA and within a few days of receiving the replacement, experienced ...[Read More]

A Guide on Fixing the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

The WordPress 403 forbidden error is a common error faced by WP users. If you are facing this issue with your site, there are some simple steps to follow to fix it. This is an HTTP status code that occurs when there is no permission for accessing a particular page or resources on your site. The underlying cause is incorrect configuration of the web server. It usually takes more time to identify th...[Read More]

5 Great Ways to Keep Your Data Private

There’s no doubt about it, data hacking’s big news these days. Some governments even see it as the greatest threat to national security that there is with dire warnings being issued that things are set to get a whole lot more serious in the very near future From wide scale DDoS attacks to hackers making their way into databases containing hundreds of thousands of individuals’ details, the ones tha...[Read More]

Man or Machine? How Technology is Shaping Cosplay

Man or Machine? How Technology is Shaping Cosplay Cosplay is all about being yourself. You can be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. And when a cosplayer chooses a particular costume, tapping into a specific character — or combination of characters — it’s because of a connection to their background or philosophy. In fact, studies have shown that cosplayers are generally introverts and blossom a...[Read More]

How to Organize PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to Organize PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat Reader Whether you’re a student or a business person, your Smartphone or computer must be loaded with many PDF files. While Adobe Reader gives you the luxury of accessing PDF files, it also lets you organize them in an orderly manner. These features include rotating, replacing, adding and deleting pages. Knowing how to use these features can help you arra...[Read More]

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