Cosplayer of the Month: Dhareza Cosplay

Always in search of talented, hardworking cosplayers, I tend to like quite a few Cosplay pages. Most of which do the same character time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cosplay but it’d be nice to see something different once and a while. Then I discovered Dhareza Cosplay. Not only is he a male cosplayer but he is a frakking amazing cosplayer to boot who does unique costumes. You’ll see what I mean.

Check out our interview with him below!

The Geek Lyfe: Although I have been a huge fan for quite some time, there may be a few Geek Lyfers who have not seen your work before, would you be alright introducing yourself?

Dhareza Cosplay: I’m Dhareza and I’m a Creative Director for an NYC Ad and Marketing firm by day. By night, I’m still a Creative Director. The very rare spare time I get is devoted to cosplaying.

TGL: How long have you been cosplaying and what led you down this path?

: I’ve been cosplaying for the last 2 years. 2 years of proudly wearing tights and armor in public. I got into it because my fiancee, Becka Noel Studio, got bit by the cosplay bug about 3 years ago. I was a con-goer for years and when I brought Becka to NYCC, she was enamored by all the cosplayers and had to be a part of it.

TGL: What has been your favorite moment either cosplaying or building costumes?

DC: My favorite moment while cosplaying is the beginning and the end. The beginning is exciting because the planning process allows me to stretch my creative thinking. The end is fantastic because the weeks or months of work is finally done.

TGL: What has been the most frustrating piece that you’ve had to deal with?

DC: I took on my first sewing project this year – Captain Spiderman. Learning how to sew while making a very difficult piece was testing my patience. I must have watched hours of YouTube videos on sewing.11886172_751311154981021_3096818135600069857_o

TGL: When you aren’t cosplaying or building costumes, what do you two do in your spare time?

DC: When I’m not cosplaying, I work, work, and work. Being a working professional in New York is very taxing on spare time.

TGL: You find yourself thrown into Middle Earth facing Smaug. What character that you have cosplayed in the past would you like to become to fight this terrifying foe?

DC: If I ever found myself face to face with Smaug in Middle Earth, I would hope I was carrying my Commander Shepard armor from Mass Effect. Pretty sure I was able to level up my character to the point he was invulnerable to fire …

TGL: Do you have any projects in the near future we should be excited to see?

DC: I’m looking into building bigger and more intricate cosplay armor in the coming future. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the character’s name starts with “I” and ends in “ronman” …



Thank you again to Dhareza Cosplay for taking the time to answer our questions! We’re stoked to see what other brilliant costumes he comes up with! Check out his Facebook page here: Click me!


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