Dinos Meets Day Z: Ark Survival Evolved

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Dinos Meets Day Z: Ark Survival Evolved


Dinos Meets Day Z: Ark Survival Evolved

On Monday Wildcard Studios announced a open world survival game similar to Day Z in regards to having to forge for food, being surround by enemies, and having the world’s materials at your finger tips to forge shelter, weapons and other tools. The biggest difference however is that they will feature not zombies but dinosaurs. You are a character that has washed ashore an island filled of dinosaurs. From the trailer, it shows the characters using guns and having modern looking clothing so it must be during modern times. The game shows a bit of fantastic events such as floating structures and giant insects. Another awesome aspect from the trailer is being able to ride various creatures.

Wildcard is a fairly new company apparently(I tried to look for a website and was unable to find one). Whoever they are, they’ve made a game that will definitely take my money! It looks like Jurassic Park and awesome quality of design. Wildcard said that Ark: Survival Evolved runs on Unreal engine 4 and the trailer is taken from live online gameplay, which is surprising as the game looked wonderful. This new studio seems very ambitious and I praise them for this. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on their progress to make updates.

So far they have a launch date of summer of 2016 with no mention yet for consoles. I am super stoked for this game and can not wait to get my hands on it!

 What do you all think about Ark: Survival Evolved?! 

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