Jurassic Park

Fans Get T-Rexed up for Jurassic Park’s 25th Year Event

Before June 1993, people were generally quite happy about the prospect of never having to come face-to-face with a T-Rex while on holiday. Not that the modern holidaymaker had much cause to be terrified of the extinct creatures, of course. While some of the 1950s monster movies may have shown the odd dinosaur encounter, in retrospect, they were a bit unreal, kitschy, and not really that plausible....[Read More]

Dinos Meets Day Z: Ark Survival Evolved

Dinos Meets Day Z: Ark Survival Evolved On Monday Wildcard Studios announced a open world survival game similar to Day Z in regards to having to forge for food, being surround by enemies, and having the world’s materials at your finger tips to forge shelter, weapons and other tools. The biggest difference however is that they will feature not zombies but dinosaurs. You are a character that h...[Read More]

The Last Movie Ever…This Week EP 1

  Have you ever yearned to hear two voices brimming with sexual prowess while talking about Jurassic Park? Well look no further than: The Last Movie Ever…This Week EP 1 Casey and Tim talk about old movies, the actors in them, their opinions on the film itself and so much more! They are both a great bunch of guys planning on pumping out even more episodes as the weeks roll on. Expect to ...[Read More]

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