Final Fantasy 14 Gets a New Job: Blue Mage!

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Final Fantasy 14 Gets a New Job: Blue Mage!

Final Fantasy 14 is near and dear to our hearts, and yes, it is because of the Pompadours. Although, I suppose the game has fantastic combat, art, immersive storytelling, too. Adding to the awesome that is Final Fantasy 14 comes a new job called Blue Mage.

This new job released recently with patch 4.5. Blue Mage has the unique ability to learn moves from monsters much like various other games in the Final Fantasy franchise. Unfortunately, the class can not go into into dungeons, trials, or raids through normal party-finding systems. However, you can include the Blue Mage in pre-made groups!

50 is the maximum level for now, but it can learn over 40+ spells. A number of spells can be gained from most iconic monsters around the land of Eorzea. You will have to crawl into dungeons with some friends to capture new abilities from other monsters. In order to obtain certain spells, you do have to kill the targets after seeing them use the move, and even then there is a chance you might not learn the ability.

To unlock the Blue Mage job on your character, you have to be a Disciple of War or Magic above the level 50, plus you have to have “The Ultimate Weapon” quest completed. When you’ve finished with all of that, you can find a NPC in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks to begin the quest “Out of the Blue.”

Then you are one step closer to ultimate power.

Final Fantasy 14 has an outfit with this theme once you unlock the job, and a better version of it when you complete the level 50 job quest.

Check out more information about Final Fantasy 14 on their website!

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