Check Out Insomnia Falls Formal Ball!

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Check Out Insomnia Falls Formal Ball!

Horsemen Of are one of our all time favorite cosplay groups due to their talent, genuine good nature, and ambition to always have a great time. During the weekend of Phoenix Comic Fest, they are helping us run the Networking and Nakama event in Downtown Phoenix at The Grand! In addition to that event, they are also hosting Insomina Falls Formal Ball, a cosplay ball at the same location’s ballroom!

The honour of your presence is desired for this most auspicious of evenings. Insomnia falls at midnight. Come in your favorite formal cosplay to dance the night away and mingle until the city falls.

Sign up or just observe the Cosplay Catwalk showing off some our guests amazing attire (Costumes, Gowns, anything amazing you’re proud of and would like to just strut on the catwalk with). If you’re interested in walking, please sign up in this google form (link to come) to be added to the lineup.

There will be a photo booth, camp site for relaxing, themed drinks at the bar for purchase, and dancing shortly after the fashion walk.

To gather additional information on this extraordinary event, we reached out to Jackie and Debra from Horsemen Of!

For those who do not know the wonders of Horsemen Of, can you introduce yourself?
We are Horsemen Of, a group of friends who make costumes together and travel the lands meeting new people along the way and spreading the good word of partying medium!

What is it?/What is expected of the event?
This is a cosplay ball, a place for fancy dressed up cosplay. All costumes or no costumes are welcome too! We just wanted a chance to get everyone all dressed up and have a fancy event. The theme of the night is loosely based around Final Fantasy 15, hence the name Insomnia Falls. There might even be a few surprises and appearances throughout the night. ?

Who would love it the most?
If you’ve wanted an excuse to wear a fancy suit or dress out this is your chance to show it off and dance the night away. Costumes are encouraged but not required.

Where is it?
The event is located at The Grand Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix which is within walking distance of the Phoenix Convention Center.

Why are you doing it?
We wanted to offer unique events this year at Phoenix Comic Fest more in line with parties you would see outside of San Diego Comic Con. Something fun and open to everyone, but also an experience you won’t get anywhere else!

This is a 21 and over event.

Pre-Sale $5
Door price $10

You can purchase tickets ahead of time on the Eventbrite page.

Sign up for the fashion walk!

We are so excited to have more awesome events take place during Phoenix Comic Fest, especially ones that go to support local businesses and bring the community together for good times! Be sure to check out more about Horsemen Of on their Facebook or Instagram! Also check out the Facebook event page!

Photos by Deegan Marie Photography!


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