Five Fortnite Tips to Help You Earn Your Chicken Dinner

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Fortnite is one of the most popular online games to date. Since its release in 2017, millions of gamers pour hours upon hours of their weeks to best their enemies and win. They have grown so large that now entire events are built solely for this game.

It is exciting to see so the online gaming industry to take flight. Starting with live online casinos  and continuing with OverwatchPlayersunknown Battleground which is very big right now, and the good old RPG games like World of Warcraft.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS & Mac.

Once again that is 100 players dropped into the same area with the only victory condition to outlast your opponents. Some game modes allow you to team up with friends, others are solo but in order to even reach past the first 50 players you are going to need some advice to be stronger gamer.

Here are five Fortnite tips to help you earn your winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Always Keep Moving

The easiest targets are the ones that stand still. If you spot another player doing this then open fire on them to secure those precious first few hits that’ll help you get closer to the final battle. Once the fire fight begins you’ll want to make it as hard as possible for anyone to hit you. Run. Jump. Crouch. Dance in and out of cover. Anything and everything to keep your squishy body lead free!

Build. Build. Build.

Fortnite is unique because of its building aspect that allows players to gather resources and create their own fortresses. While seeing a full blown stronghold is a thing of beauty, most of the time you’ll be moving across the map, away from the storm that closes in on all players to ensure the game has a hard end time. The moment you see another player, it is best to spam walls and stairs so that these pieces of wood and stone soak the bullets of your assailants until they are forced to reload and then you can retaliate.

Know the Weapons and Choose Accordingly

Fortnite offers a variety of guns to players but provides them at random in both type and quality. While you can search which gun is doing the best for the most current patch, ultimately you should take the time to try out as many of them as possible to find your preferred weapon. An epic drop becomes a paper weight if you can’t hit anything with it. Best to stick to what you know that way when bullets are flying, you’ll know exactly how to respond.

It is also worth it to learn all of the weapons so that you know the limits of what your enemy is carrying.

Block Line of Sight

Cover is half the game. You can have the best weapons, shields, and team but if you run across an open field it could all go out of the window with a single head shot. Instead let the environment be your shield and hunt for those that chose to run with no cover. If you need to, you can build your own cover just to ensure you don’t get filled with holes. However you create more noise by building and can tip off enemies of your location which will test just how well placed your walls are and how you do under stress.


Don’t play with the defaults. Always customize your layout to what works best for you. That way when they are fighting for your life you can focus on hitting the keys you need to instead of scrolling or opening any menus. Taking 20 minutes of prep can help you win countless skirmishes down the road.

With these tips I hope it helps you earn all of the chicken dinners! Be sure to stay tuned for more advice from other great games!

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