Game On! The Surprising Benefits Of Gaming

Game On! The Surprising Benefits Of Gaming

Did you know that having a hobby can boost your physical and mental health? Studies show that pursuing hobbies and interests can have a positive impact on wellbeing, confidence levels and general happiness and contentment. When you think of pastimes that are linked to feeling great, gaming may not be the first activity that springs to mind, but there are many benefits to taking up this increasingly popular hobby.

Manual dexterity

Whether you’re a mobile gamer, you live for console games, or you have a gaming PC, playing video games has undisputed benefits for your manual dexterity and fine motor skills. To play any game to the best of your ability, you’ll need to tap keys, press buttons, maneuver joysticks or control a mouse, and these intricate movements require agility and coordination. Some people believe that you can only play games on a Mac or a PC using a mouse or a keyboard, but you don’t have to give up your console controls to play on a Mac. If you’re more comfortable with your XBox One or PS4 controls, for example, check out this article to connect your controller with your Mac By practising on regular basis, either with a controller or a keyboard, you should notice that your motor skills improve and that you’re able to carry out movements faster. This could just give you the edge over your opponent.  


Gaming is often thought of as a solitary activity, but it can also be a really sociable exercise. You can play games with friends or relatives, and you can also join online communities and challenge online opponents you’ve never met before. Many people find that they feel like they’re part of something when they play a game, and that even though they’re home alone and sat in a living room tapping away at the controls, they’re not on their own.

Coordination and cognitive power

Gaming is a hobby that stimulates the brain and encourages problem-solving and logical thinking. When you’re playing a game, whether you’re taking part in a football match or you’re strategically planning the downfall of an enemy army, your brain will be ticking over constantly. Gaming requires you to think on your feet, to think about several different problems at the same time and to coordinate movements based on your reactions. Gaming is great for hand-eye coordination and it can also speed up your reaction time. To find out more about the cognitive benefits of playing games, take a look at this insightful piece


Many of us experience times when we feel like we want to escape. If you’ve had a busy week at work, or a nightmare day, traveling to a virtual wonderland could make all the difference. For some people, gaming can reduce stress and facilitate relaxation by providing a much-needed distraction.

Gaming may not be the first hobby that springs to mind when talking about pastimes that promote health and wellbeing, but playing games actually offers an array of benefits. If you’re on the hunt for a new hobby, why not give gaming a go?

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