How Technology is Changing the Dating Game in the 21st Century

How Technology is Changing the Dating Game in the 21st Century

Dating in the 21st century…is it actually possible without social networking sites? Unfortunately no. Online dating is very popular today. In this review, we’ll try to explore this topic in greater detail and try to understand how social networks change the dating game. So get comfortable and have a look!

The New Concept of Self-Presentation

Due to the rapid development of modern technologies, an absolutely new concept of self-presentation appeared. We mean online profiles. Today, we have a number of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots of others. There’s no need to pay for the membership; you just need to create an online profile and start making friends with others. However, there’s one problem – you never know whether the information published in online profiles is truthful. Simply put, you shouldn’t completely trust what users are posting. Sometimes, these profiles are full of fake information.

When it comes to social networking sites, there’s one unspoken rule – no one will be talking about their rainy days. What does this mean? This means that people used to share only positive emotions online. You can find photos depicting the best experiences of this person, but you’ll never find posts about the days when a user is unhappy.

It is definitely great that people became closer to each other thanks to social media, but you need to double check the information before you meet this individual personally. You never know who this person is beforehand. People used to create a digital image they want, but this image is mostly far from reality.

What Are the Main Motivations of Online Dating?

So what is the main goal of any person who registers on dating sites? You may think that they have only one objective – to find a wife or fiance. Partially, you are right, but there are lots of other reasons why people go online:

  • to find someone for casual sex
  • to meet a soulmate
  • to find someone to talk to
  • they are just searching for online excitement.

Some people like online dating due to the thrill of excitement it gives. They have just got acquainted online, talked to each other, and now, they are planning their first date. You never know who this person really is and what to expect from this date.

Some users like online dating because thanks to the functionality of dating sites and the choice of users, they have the constant desire of winning. They just want to be in the center of attention. Their goal is to meet a new woman or man every day. The more winnings they have, the better they feel.

There’s another reason to value online dating. It gives you an opportunity to experience the feeling of a romantic fantasy. You just construct the ideal partner in your mind and dream of meeting this person online. However, you can be very disappointed when you meet this individual personally. You’ll see that he or she is far from your dreams.

The Key Benefits of Online Dating

All in all, the technology really changed the dating game today. Those who have long distance relationships shouldn’t wait for a few weeks until their partners receive letters from them. You can get in touch by phone and see each other thanks to the functionality of such apps like Skype, Facebook, Viber, etc.

Besides, if you have a certain purpose – to find someone for serious relationships – just register on one of the dating platforms. You shouldn’t even be ashamed of informing other users of your goals. Want to build up a relationship? There’s no need to go anywhere and search for the best moment to meet this or that person, just go online!

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