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Interview: Laura Knatt

tumblr_notp95QPPc1qgdr3mo3_1280Interview: Laura Knatt

There were a ton of vendors at Phoenix Comicon. Artists, cosplayers, comic book stores, geek swag, authors, and so many others. I made a promise to myself that this was the year that I would put myself, and my blog out there and interview people. When I asked my friends about their favorite vendors, the same name continued to pop up: Laura Knatt. I was curious about this name, especially since I had never heard of it, and when I investigated I found Ms. Knatt at her booth with her various Steven universe, Legend of Korra, and even her own original webcomic in physical form. She was incredibly polite and welcoming, offering promise of assistance should I need any and offered more information on the prints I browsed through.

The artwork was wonderful, especially the pieces of Korra and Asami sharing in tender moments that the creators hinted to at the end of the show but never fully committed to anything more than lingering stares, blushing, hand holding, and ambiguous wording. It was awesome to see an artist take on the fan service and showing us what we all wanted to see. I’m a huge fan of Steven Universe and when I saw her work on Garnet, I instantly became a fan.

I was so nervous to admit that I was from a blog and wanted to interview her that when I gathered the courage and whipped out my business card and yell-talked “HimynameisDeAngeloIamfromthegeeklyfe. WoulditbeokayifIinterviewyou?”. She stood there stunned for a brief moment, before blinking back her thoughts and answered, “Yes!” with excitement. After a few more awkward exchanges(mostly on my end xD) we set a time for the interview. Although I warned her that this would be my very first face to face interview, I don’t think she realized just how nervous I was.

Here is my interview with the wonderful, Laura Knatt!

PS: I apologize for speaking so fast and for all of the ‘Uhh’, ‘Um’, ‘like’ and stuttering. Laura was very understanding, kind, and all around an amazing person.


If you’d like to check out more of Laura Knatt’s work you can find her on tumblr or her etsy shop!

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