Nervous Nerds who Need New Relief: Try CBD oil

We all know that nerds and geeks are a group full of people who have anxiety, me being one of them. This oftentimes holds us captive from going out and socializing with anyone in person. We can slay dire beasts in Dungeons & Dragons, level up quick in MMORPGs, and feel at ease chatting online. But crowds of new faces and unique minds can be way too much to handle, unless you’re cosplaying as someone that isn’t you.

I’ve reached far and wide for relief for decades of my life. I’ve tried new prescriptions, exercises, and routines. Overall, they help, but none get rid of anxiety entirely. After I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, my anxiety went through the roof. That’s when I looked at other options because I was desperate.

Marijuana isn’t a good option for a lot of people, and I didn’t want to use it again. Despite some states legalizing medical use, a lot of employers won’t hire you if it shows up in a drug test. The indica strain might not work for some anxiety, and (if you’re like me) it’s way too strong to use on a regular basis. The last time I took it, while living in Colorado, I could barely move for hours on end– and this was after only half of a gummy.

Prescription drugs, while necessary for a lot of people with anxiety, are an annoyance. Simply changing the strength means making an appointment two weeks in advance, paying $100 or more, then talking to the doctor about the possibility of changing the strength.

Recently, though, I found a new tool I could use for those days where I want or need to show up at a festival or convention that will be packed with people — CBD oil.

Before I tell you how great it is, you need to know two things: first, I’m not a doctor and you should talk to yours before trying anything new. Second, there are not a lot of studies about CBD oil, but the results so far are promising.

Without diving too much into the science of it, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant, and contains little to no THC (the psychoactive chemical known to get people ‘high’). This means that unless you use CBD excessively or very frequently, it won’t show up on a THC test. Even then, the chances are quite low.

The best part is that CBD doesn’t impair you. You can take a little before an event you know will give you anxiety, and still function.

I stumbled on CBD products when White Cedar Naturals sent me a bottle of their gummies to try out. Being skeptical, I researched it and this is what I found:

Once I got the product, I took one of their 20mg gummies and gave some to seven other people. After about 30 minutes I asked all of them how they felt. I was surprised to hear every person tell me they felt calmer and have better focus. One person even said their knee pain went away. I felt my anxiety lift, a huge success in itself, and a wave of relief for me.

While it might not be the best or cure-all option for a lot of people with anxiety, I feel like it’s worth more nerds to look into.

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