Arizona Avengers

Causeplay: Cosplay for a Cause

By James Ramos The sunny state of Arizona hosts a flourishing cosplay community who cosplay for a cause. People from all walks of life gather throughout the year to celebrate their love of their fandoms. There is no wrong way to cosplay, and there are as many reasons to do it as there are people who do. For some, it is a means to give back to their community.  One such group is the Arizona Avenger...[Read More]

Cosplayers of the Week: Acey Mclacey and Lokitwin

Yes! You read that right, this week we are giving you not one but two fantastic cosplayers who hail from Arizona! They are Acey Mclacey and Lokitwin. We got to chat with them a bit at Phoenix Comic Fest on life, cosplay, and so much more. Enjoy! I always have the best of times when these two are around! Their passion for gaming, comics, and costuming is clear from the shine in their eyes and the a...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Mucho Muncho

Cosplayer of the Week: Mucho Muncho For a good, long while dear friends of mine spoke about a woman by the name of Mucho Muncho in the highest regard. I dismissed the notion since I, personally, had never seen nor heard of her before. As time went on, so did her accolades and reputation. Despite my best efforts I could never find this cosplay champion who was so well respected and talented until I...[Read More]

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