Burlescapades: WildCard Volume 2 Review/Interview

Burlescapades: WildCard Volume 2 Review There I was browsing Facebook, looking for events to attend and support local businesses when out of no where, my friend Anya Graves, announced a show she was apart of. Curious, I checked into it to find it was a burlesque show held by a trope local to Arizona called Burlescapades and their event was called WildCard Volume 2! If you are unfamiliar with what ...[Read More]

Interview – Talk Nerdy to Me: A Byte of Burlesque

  Interview – Talk Nerdy to Me: A Byte of Burlesque Phoenix Comicon has now gone over the horizon; and with it, the memories and experiences that many Arizonians only experience once a year.  The capes are hung up, the $5 prints stored safely in the back of a closet (I’ll get a frame for them one day, I swear!), and cosplayers are already drawing up plans for next year.  There is,...[Read More]

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