The ABCs of Arizona Cosplay Vol 1

A is for Amberskies, wonderful, and so creative! My, oh my! We tell no lies! B is for Brookemelia, always is so kind and helpful that it is surreal…lia! C is for Cheshsmiles, always one for mischief and fun with her guile! D is for Darth Mexican, who is only here because I couldn’t find anyone else. *cough* E is for Eevee Chan, who is such a superb Anime fan! F is for Frank and Nats Ar...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Month: Sara Moni

Cosplayer of the Month: Sara Moni Sara Moni is/was a unicorn for me when it came to the cosplay community. The first time I saw her, I was awestruck by how incredible her cosplay was and her own natural beauty that, though she stood only a few feet away, I couldn’t muster the courage to utter a word. One moment she was checking her phone and the next, she was off doing more con shenanigans. ...[Read More]

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