The ABCs of Arizona Cosplay Vol 1

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Q Ki

A is for Amberskies, wonderful, and so creative! My, oh my! We tell no lies!


B is for Brookemelia, always is so kind and helpful that it is surreal…lia!


C is for Cheshsmiles, always one for mischief and fun with her guile!

D is for Darth Mexican, who is only here because I couldn’t find anyone else. *cough*

E is for Eevee Chan, who is such a superb Anime fan!

F is for Frank and Nats Armory, such a sweet couple that displays such harmony! (Close enough)

G is for Game2Hype, who is so good at fighting games that all his friends have a gripe!

Heartless Aquarius

H is for Heartless Aquarius, who is curious and marvelous and everything but nefarious!

Its Raining Ne0n

I is for Its Raining Ne0n, who is charming and charismatic but after a hard day’s work, she can’t help but yawn.

Jessica Nigri

J is for Jessica Nigri, who is incredible, iconic, and we can all agree!


K is for Khainsaw, who is so talented that you can’t help but drop your jaw!

Power Girl

L is for Lvcky Diamond, who is a sublime homie time and again!

Zarbon - Dragon Ball Z

M is for Mucho Muncho, who is always down to hang out that is it is fun, yo! She’ll discuss all of the finer things in like like K-Pop and Anime all over lunch, didn’t you know?

Naomi Moonz

N is for Naomi Moonz, who signs the sweetest DBZ tunes! Any time any one tries to challenge her knowledge on DBZ, she makes them look like a loon!

On Pins and Needles

O is for On Pins and Needles, who is short yet mighty, fierce, and anything but feeble!

Pretend Princess

P is for Pretend Princess, who is so fantastic that we are compelled to confess! She is simply the best!

Q Ki

Q is for Q-Ki, who is always so filled with glee! She is always quite kind to me!

Rosanna Rocha

R is for Rosanna Rocha, whose single act of kindness years ago helped spawn The Geek Lyfe. Oh, uhhh, Locha!


S is for Schrei205, who is so smart that she can’t help but thrive!


T is for Tidesiren, who is superb at hustling that she’ll have all the monies to retire in!

U is for Ubetaiyaki, who is so awesome we must toast to her with sake!

V is for Viridis, who works with animals and we can’t help but be in a sheer state of bliss!

Wonder Woman

W is for Wonder Woman, who is cosplayed by many young girls and gals which inspires them to bring the thunder when they grow up!

X is for Xostart, who is smart, has a great big heart, and is so fantastic it can not be contained on a single chart!

Y is for Yotsu, who is the most-su!

Z is for Zorua Darkangel, who is pretty swell! You can hear very well fall under a spell when they cosplay for it is so good some claim to hear the sound of bells when they walk by.

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican loves writing, his friends, and all things geeky. While there is so much trouble in the world, Darth aims to bring a bit of joy and good vibes to the table! He owns and operates The Geek Lyfe and is constantly coming up with new ideas that'll help the community!

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