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5 Things I Wish I Knew Coming Into Cosplay

Veteran cosplayer, Heartless Aquarius, provides insight on what she wish she knew coming into cosplay! This is sage advice that will no doubt help many new cosplayers who are looking to make their hobby as enjoyable as possible! 1) Practice makes perfect Cosplay always takes practice whether it’s with doing makeup, sewing, prop making, etc. It’s all a learning process. You’ll pick up new skills an...[Read More]

Has Phoenix Fan Fusion Risen from the Ashes of its Troubled Past?(Review)

Phoenix Fan Fusion is the flagship convention for Arizona geeks. Every single year the community makes the journey through immense heat and one way streets, just to see what Phoenix Fan Fusion has to offer this year. In the past couple years, there have been a lot of growing pains for this convention. With promises and apologies, many were left with hope or doubt about the future. Let’s see ...[Read More]

Costumed Heroes Saving the Day has Become a Reality with Put on the Cape Fun Run

Cosplay volunteers were out in full force, this 18th, at Steele Indian School Park for the First Annual Put on the Cape Fun Run. The event was sold out by the day of the race, having raised $5,000 for children who have been separated from their abusers. The South West Family Advocacy Center and many like it; provide food, shelter, and a safe space for children in need. Over 400 attendants gathered...[Read More]

The ABCs of Arizona Cosplay Vol 1

A is for Amberskies, wonderful, and so creative! My, oh my! We tell no lies! B is for Brookemelia, always is so kind and helpful that it is surreal…lia! C is for Cheshsmiles, always one for mischief and fun with her guile! D is for Darth Mexican, who is only here because I couldn’t find anyone else. *cough* E is for Eevee Chan, who is such a superb Anime fan! F is for Frank and Nats Ar...[Read More]

Tucson Comic-Con 2018 Review

Every single year, I hear from all of our dear friends about how wonderful Tucson Comic-Con and every single time I was filled with such regret that I was unable to go. That is way this year I cleared my schedule so I could attend and I am so glad I did! Tucson Comic-Con takes place in Tucson, Arizona, at the Tucson Convention Center. Although this facility is quite large, it is clear that they ar...[Read More]

Saboten Con 2018: Anime, Cosplay, and More!

One of our favorite conventions in Arizona is none other than Saboten Con! We look forward to labor day weekends because it means eating, drinking, spending too much money on anime swag, and rubbing elbows with awesome guests! This year was no different save the exception that it was even better than last year! This year we had Tony, Saint, Chocozumo, and Darth Mexican represent green and black! C...[Read More]

Phoenix Comic Fest: Review of the Convention Formerly Known as Phoenix Comicon

For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is DeAngelo Murillo and I own The Geek Lyfe. Back in 2012, I attended Phoenix Comicon for the very first time and was swept off of my feet with admiration for convention culture. It is safe to say that this brand more than likely would not exist had it not been for Phoenix Comicon putting on such a fantastic event. It is this history that causes m...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Jean-Marc Puch

Cosplayer of the Week: Jean-Marc Puch Hey friends! Every week we try our best to showcase the talents of some truly wonderful men and women. Without consideration for social media reach, gender, or weight. We just want to show off how dope folks are so they can be appreciated by their peers! This week will be different I am afraid, while this cosplayer is incredible in every single way, he has pas...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: RoxyRoo Cosplay

Cosplayer of the Week: RoxyRoo Cosplay This Cosplayer of the Week is none other than RoxyRoo Cosplay! She is a cosplayer based out of Arizona and came highly recommended to me by another lovely cosplayer, Kaypickle! RoxyRoo is one of those hidden gems that doesn’t get the amount of attention she deserves! RoxyRoo tackles everything from armor crafting to Final Fantasy characters! I was surpr...[Read More]

Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016

Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016 This weekend at Phoenix Comicon I had come along with the idea of the Cosplayers and their Day Jobs project, which turned out to be a blast! Meanwhile one of our photographers, and a good friend of mine, Deegan Marie of Deegan Marie Photography had a brilliant idea of her own. She wanted to bring along a ring light to help capture the true beau...[Read More]

Photo Gallery – Cosplayer Jobs – Phoenix Comicon 2016

Photo Gallery –  Cosplayer Jobs – Phoenix Comicon 2016 Phoenix Comicon 2016 has come and gone, we’re still getting our review written up and our photos together for our gallery but until then, I wanted to show you all this awesome project I did during the convention! I love the world of  cosplay/cosplayers, I always want to know more than just how they built their costumes but wh...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Month: Citrusbell

Cosplayer of the Month: Citrusbell You ever meet one of those people for the first time and out of no where they are just a breath of fresh air? That is exactly the experience I had with Citrusbell the first time I met her at Taiyou Con 2016. I was simply minding my own business, enjoying the convention when I stumbled upon her both and she engaged me with the flash of a genuine smile and greeted ...[Read More]

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