Arizona Matsuri 2016

Matsuri 2016  Have you ever watched anime, listened to J-Pop, watched a Samurai film and thought that Japan was such a fantastic and exotic place? Well, you are right! However, it can be difficult to learn about the Japanese culture and all that it has to offer from mere Youtube videos or college courses. You could travel to Japan but it is quite expensive, and without a translator it’ll add...[Read More]

Adventures at the Hello Kitty Festival 2015!

Adventures at the Hello Kitty Festival 2015! This last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Hello Kitty’s very first Super Cute Friendship Festival! I had received an email about it from Hello Kitty and had heard enough radio ads about it that I knew that I just HAD to go. The festival is a traveling one and there are plenty more dates if you or any Sanrio lover you may know wants to attend!...[Read More]

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