Kyoto Animation Tragedy: 33 Dead in Arson Attack

In Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Animation studios became the scene where a deadly attack unfolded, killing 33 people, and hurting dozens more in the late morning hours today.  Police report a 41-year-old suspect made his way onto the Kyoto Animation studio, also known as KyoAni, spraying gasoline. Before igniting the blaze, local news sources report the man was screaming “die.”  There were about 70 people ...[Read More]

Matsuri Continues to be Incredible!

Matsuri is a free event that takes place in Downtown Phoenix every year. Matsuri is focused on celebrating all of the best aspects of the Japanese culture. Often times our shallow perception of that same culture is limited to anime, video games, and cosplay. What I love about Matsuri is that they showcase just how robust their history is with music, art, food, folklore and more! Food You have not ...[Read More]

Anime Japan Review

Anime Japan Review Hi everyone! Deegan Marie here! Normally I just shoot images of a convention and Darth Mexican writes about the conventions but this time I’m doing both! Last week I boarded a plane to Japan for the first time in my life. I planned my trip around Anime Japan because I really wanted to check out an international con and help expand The Geek Lyfe to another space in the world. I r...[Read More]

A Slice of Japanese Paradise: Matsuri 2017 Review

A Slice of Japanese Paradise: Matsuri 2017 Review I am going to say this right now just in case you don’t have much time: You need to attend Matsuri 2018. This is my second year of Matsuri and the event just seems to get better and better in so many ways. If you are unfamiliar with what Matsuri is, it is a Japanese Culture festival that takes place in Downtown Phoenix normally in the middle ...[Read More]

Samurai Dark Souls : Nioh Reivew

Nioh Reivew Nioh is a new action RPG based on Japanese samurai culture and features guardians, demons, and more. You play as William, an Irishman who has had his longtime friend and guardian kidnapped away from him, and is suddenly plunged into the dark chaos happening in Japan. Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, Nioh is difficult and challenging, but it’s not impossible. I’...[Read More]

Interview: Lady Beard

Months ago one of our photographers, Deegan Marie Photography, requested that we reach out to Lady Beard for an interview at Saboten Con 2016. I laughed a bit because as a fan of Lady Beard, I knew just how big of a star he was and figured that he, or his staff, would never in a million years accept our request. Yet, the optimist in me submitted an interview request anyways. To my surprise, one of...[Read More]

Arizona Matsuri 2016

Matsuri 2016  Have you ever watched anime, listened to J-Pop, watched a Samurai film and thought that Japan was such a fantastic and exotic place? Well, you are right! However, it can be difficult to learn about the Japanese culture and all that it has to offer from mere Youtube videos or college courses. You could travel to Japan but it is quite expensive, and without a translator it’ll add...[Read More]

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