Zombieland 2 Was a Good Ol Undead Bashing Time!

I love the concept of fighting the undead in a post-apocalyptic world. Something about going out and seeing if you have what it takes to survive against the constant threat of shambling fiends is fun! In 2009 a film called Zombieland came out and knocked the concept out of the park with their humor and action. Little did we all know that ten years later we would get a sequel called Zombieland: Dou...[Read More]

Enter for a Chance to Win a Pair of Tickets to the Phoenix Film Festival!

The 2018 Phoenix Film Festival is coming around the corner and we are doing a giveaway for two pairs of Flex Passes! That is right, not one pair but two pairs with each pass valuing at $40! The winners will be able to find the movie line-up at and choose FOUR showings (excluding the Opening and Closing Nights) that they & a guest would like to attend. The Phoenix Fi...[Read More]

Sticks, Stones, and Claymation: Early Man Review

Written by Mary Palma Early Man is the latest from Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park and Aardman Animation. This new film focuses on the story of Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his stone age tribe, who live in a lush valley surrounded by wasteland. The gang is about to enjoy a rabbit feast when giant mammoths appear, ridden by people from the badlands who wish to mine their valley home for bronze. ...[Read More]

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must They Run Through?!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must Be Run Through?! Maze Runner is one of many dystopian young adult novels that turned into films. It seemed like everyone and their mother were showing off that teen romance in the face is misery and woe. The unique aspect of Maze Runner was that the world had been overrun with a plague that wiped out a majority of humanity. With those who sti...[Read More]

Gospel Truth: The Shape Of Water is One of the Best Films of This Year!

Gospel Truth: The Shape Of Water is One of The Best Films of This Year! The Shape of Water is a new film by Guillermo Del Toro that focuses on a woman falling in love with a creature of the sea. If that sentence doesn’t sell you on this film then you are a crazy person because The Shape of Water is incredible. Granted, Guillermo Del Toro has been known to produce enchanting film after film s...[Read More]

Blade Runner 2049 Is Fantastic In Every Way

Blade Runner 2049 Is Fantastic In Every Way When Blade Runner released in June 25th, 1982 it changed so many aspects of science fiction cinema with it’s dark tones, concepts and mysteries. It focused on a dystopian future where slave labor is carried out by replicants who are manufactured humans. After heavy investigation it is revealed who is a replicant and who is not, the entire journey i...[Read More]

Alex Garland on 28 Months Later

Alex Garland on 28 Months Later It should probably come as no surprise to any one that we here at Geek Lyfe love zombies. From comic books to table top role playing games, if it has shambling corpses yearning to feast on the flesh of the living, we are all in! So naturally, we fell in love with 28 Days later and 28 weeks later as they offered us accents, fast zombies, and almost no hope for humani...[Read More]

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