Dark Souls

Samurai Dark Souls : Nioh Reivew

Nioh Reivew Nioh is a new action RPG based on Japanese samurai culture and features guardians, demons, and more. You play as William, an Irishman who has had his longtime friend and guardian kidnapped away from him, and is suddenly plunged into the dark chaos happening in Japan. Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, Nioh is difficult and challenging, but it’s not impossible. I’...[Read More]

April Podcast: Gaming

April Podcast: Gaming  This month the fine folks at Geek Lyfe teamed up to talk about one of their favorite geeky topics: Video Games! Darth Mexican, Hesch, Powerforce, Gumbercules, and Charlos bring up games from their past with Dark Souls, to present games like Pokken and looking to the future with Nintendo NX and Overwatch. I tried to get them to talk about World of Warcraft: Legion but they go...[Read More]

Powerforce’s Pick: Video Games

  Powerforce’s Pick: Video Games When it comes to picking your Top 5 games, it isn’t easy. I had to really sit down and think about all the consoles I’ve had and what I played on them. Sure enough, it took me quite a while to come up with this list, but I feel I picked out the perfect ones that stand out from my gaming resume. Enjoy! 5. Star Fox 64  Playing with friends is o...[Read More]

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