Interview: Soul Purpose Designs

Interview: Soul Purpose Designs So today I have some really cool folks to show you! They are the owners of Soul Purpose Designs and they focus on creating incredible clothing, some of which are inspired by geeky themes while all of them have a heavy influence of hip hop. Admittedly, I had no idea who they were until they reached out to me but I am so glad they did because they have some pretty dop...[Read More]

A Slice of Japanese Paradise: Matsuri 2017 Review

A Slice of Japanese Paradise: Matsuri 2017 Review I am going to say this right now just in case you don’t have much time: You need to attend Matsuri 2018. This is my second year of Matsuri and the event just seems to get better and better in so many ways. If you are unfamiliar with what Matsuri is, it is a Japanese Culture festival that takes place in Downtown Phoenix normally in the middle ...[Read More]

Diversity Win In Geek Culture!

Diversity Win In Geek Culture! While watching Rogue One, I was captivated by the plot, effects, and so many other aspects of this fantastic film! However, the part of the film that I didn’t realize added to my overall happiness was the fact that I was watching a Star Wars film with a strong, female, lead and a cast of characters who were capable and diverse in their own right. When I came to...[Read More]

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