Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Assassin’s Creed

Freeplay Frenchie Reviews Assassin’s Creed Like most gamers witnessing their favourite franchises convert to cinema, I was apprehensive to say the least about the Assassin’s Creed movie. Though I had heard some things to suggest it could be a success, such as Ubisoft retaining most of the control about which directions to take the film in and thus create a film that fans could be proud...[Read More]

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Doctor Strange

FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Doctor Strange As we left the Odean cinema last week in Brighton, my friend and I agreed that Doctor Strange could be summed quite politely like this: Inception, but on LSD. That being said, I would say Doctor Strange is much easier to follow, however, the visuals are so stunning that I did warn my Mum it might make her feel sick. I can’t imagine what it would be li...[Read More]

StrangeBooks from Brighton!

Although University had its trials and tribulations for me, I will say that I am so grateful to my creative writing tutors for introducing me to the art of short stories and flash fiction, because to me that’s what it is. I would say I have a stronger connection to flash fiction, because it’s shorter, and because it demands more of you in fewer words, but also because there’s les...[Read More]

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