First Impressions: Heroes of the Storm(Closed Beta)

First Impressions: Heroes of the Storm(Closed Beta) With Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of Newarth, Smite and so on filling the market and attracting gamers with their fast paced action, free to play system and challenging game play. Originally the MOBA begin with DOTA, which was a mod off of Warcraft 3 that grew in massive popularity over time...[Read More]

Tech Review: Moto X(2nd Gen)

Finding my phone dying within only hours of use, slow loading times whenever I used apps and an overall sub-par experience, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a new phone. Lady luck seemed to have heard my frustrations and granted me the chance to review Moto X (2nd Generation). Never one to look a gifted horse in the mouth, I jumped at the opportunity. Pure style. Pure performance. The n...[Read More]

Review: Banner Saga

First Impression Like many of my fellow Steam users, when a steam sale occurs, we whip out our wallets and spend what little money we have in our bank accounts. As for the types of games I do choose to buy, I attempt to purchase interesting games with unique art styles. Which brings me to The Banner Saga. The game looked incredible. From the sample images provided by steam, it looked to be a turn ...[Read More]

Product Review: AFK Cosmetics Attack on Titan Eyeshadow

OMG YOU GUYS. ATTACK ON TITAN MAKEUP. *flails hands* *Look at all the cute art on the lids! YOU CANNOT RESIST*

Product Review: C920 Logitech HD Pro Webcam

Being an avid PC gamer, I am constantly on my computer slaying Zombies or building castles in various video games. Often I like to stream my sessions using my webcam to capture my facial reactions to certain moments for the enjoyment of others. When I first got into streaming I simply went to my local electronics store and bought a standard $20 Gear Head web camera that offered 5.0 MP WebCam w/ 72...[Read More]

TMNT Review: The Turtles Have Arrived

Hi guys! My name is Spocktopus and I will be reviewing movies weekly for you. Spoiler free of course! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?! This week’s movie is… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! … Now I know what everyone is thinking…I was thinking it too. My expectations going into this movie could not have been any lower. I am not a fan of Michael Bay’s Transformers by any means. Transformers: Revenge of th...[Read More]

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